Assessment of infant babbling

Under the new order government for all institutions for children under the age of 5 years, infants will exhibit the marks of crying, “kurlykane” and talk.

Play groups and kindergartens will also have to demonstrate that they help children in the development of 69 education and training if they do not want to lose funding.

New Program development in the early stages describes how to develop children from birth to five years, i.e. until the beginning of compulsory schooling. This document having the force of law, was published yesterday, along with benefit education and the schema that contains the basic requirements and their corresponding principles.

Beverley Hughes, Minister for children, insists that the program is not a “sign for ticking” and that she would be horrified if people used it in order to expose the mark to babies from birth. “Its purpose is to help people wise to look at the needs of children with whom they work,” she says.

However, the parent organization accused the government of creating stress for children through the installation of straps for them, which they must reach before the first birthday, while conservatives called it “unprecedented control of children from birth to elementary school”, which can deprive children of their childhood.

Motion Steiner Waldorf said that their kindergartens will not be required to comply with the new program, because their children do not learn to read until the age of six.

Those parents who use Waldorf kindergartens, and those who are uncomfortable with formal education approach in the early stages, will not receive preferential financial assistance for their three and four year old children.

“We are discussing with the Ministry of education about how the movement of the Steiner Waldorf can save your own program, setting an earlier date for training in different skills”, says Gianni Nicole, representing the division of early education.

Manual for training included with the program, offers tips in the spirit of Dr. Spock about the emotional comfort that kids get from hugs and a series of small tips, such as installing mirrors in those places where children can see their reflection.

In the first year of life the child should “to communicate in a variety of ways, including crying, kurlykane, babble and squeal”. From 8 to 20 months, the children should begin to get pleasure from his babble and “all to experiment more with different sounds and words, relating them to different objects,” stated in the manual.

At the age of 3 years and 4 months to start civic education, so that children understand that “people have different needs, views, cultures and beliefs that need to be treated with respect”.

The reading lessons should start in 3 years, when children should start to learn to recognize sounds and associate them with letters. Then when they are ready, they will need to learn the 44 main zvukobukvennym compliance. According to the program, this determination must occur by 5 years. However, the program emphasizes that the teaching of phonetics should be fun and include games with sounds, images and tactile sensations.

The penmanship is proposed to start learning at the age of 16 to 26 months – starting with finger drawing, brushes and pens, and the account is 2 years, first with songs and games until 3.5-5 years children will learn to count to ten.

The program, which comes into force in September next year, replaces the existing, not having the force of law program “From birth to three years”, a program for three-and four-year and national standards for preschool children’s institutions.

Beverley Hughes said that the first 5 years is a critical period in child development. “Our program is designed to ensure the quality and consistency of early education in preschool institutions”.

However, Anne McIntosh, shadow Minister for children, said that such detailed instruction inappropriate. “I believe that children should be given the opportunity to determine their own level under the close supervision of teachers”.

“We need to unload teachers to teach. We must allow children to have a childhood and to provide the professionals to do their job. Many fear that the accurate installation of the straps for children from zero to five can have a detrimental effect on child development”.

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