Cause sleepless nights or Why Your baby doesn’t sleep through the night

Baby, fast asleep all night, awake and alert mom… This is not a dream.

Gwyneth Paltrow says that her baby started sleeping through the night since 6 weeks. We will not investigate how this information is true, but a sleepless night most parents – an undeniable fact.

We will try to understand in what the reason and if it’s that bad, really?

Consultants will be made by authoritative experts: Peter Fleming, Professor of the University of Bristol, specializing in health and psychological development of children and Darcia F. Nerves, Professor of psychology at the University Norms the Ladies.

Why do children Wake up? Because there can be no

Nature is not provided for a long period of sleep for the person as such. And there is no evidence of positive effects on the body long sleep.

Even adults don’t sleep through the night

An adult during their 8 hours of necessary sleep will also periodically wakes up. Effect of fatigue and a busy day on the eve of consciousness is not always captures these revivals, and we can simply not remember.

A human child is born before any other plecoptera and in dire need of close contact with the “external uterus”

The child is born after 9 months of fetal development and after birth cannot exist independently. While many of the animals immediately after birth or within days is able to walk and be independent from her mother.

A human child after birth looks like fetures, which in essence is. That is why he is in dire need of contact with the mother, the feeling of protection. Moreover, the baby’s brain is formed at birth only 25% and harmonious “maturation” needed peace and close contact with mom.

Children, more awake, differ sharp mind and strong mental health

According to the research, there is a correlation between the intellectual and mental development, and nocturnal awakenings. Children whose needs are implemented faster (and night), and contact with the mother longer, different mental calm and harmonious development.

Sleep cycle is shorter in children than in adults

The sleep cycle of an adult lasts 90 minutes. During this time he overcomes the way from waking to deep sleep and back again. Per night these cycles, usually three. The child has a cycle lasts 60 minutes. So, night virochana and the awakening of the crumbs quite physiological.

A child needs parents as guarantors of peace. Crying alone, the baby is experiencing a powerful the stress that goes on and then when the crying subsided

Some parents choose tactics of ignoring night crying baby, hoping that he will fall asleep again. The crying of a baby – it is a message that needs a response. If the signal is not to react and not to approach the kid, the amount of stress hormone in the body the baby grows and the baby feels the danger. Reaching its highest point, this condition is extremely critical to the baby’s body and is dangerous to his health.

Babies sleep all day and Wake up at night to get their share of attention and affection

As a rule, newborn babies can sleep through the whole day. At 6 o’clock they Wake up and need attention. It happened for centuries, to the time when all family members are more or less free and ready to devote time to the baby and to surround him with love. And from a biological point of view it is absolutely normal.

Nature does not provide for the separation of the baby from the mother. Especially if it is a separate bed or a separate room

Throughout human history the child was in constant contact with the mother. The kid was in a sling on his mother’s chest and was perfectly happy. He woke up when I wanted, ate when I wanted and slept when she wanted. That didn’t stop the mother to perform their business and because the time and duration of the NAP is absolutely nobody cared.

Fortunately, today more and more moms are trying to practice this way of life with a toddler. The preference of slings and Rusakov baby carriers, prams, eloquently confirms this fact.

By the way, sudden death syndrome of the newborn the vast majority of cases, occurs when a child sleeps in a separate bed.

Co-sleeping – a popular practice around the world: kids in dire need of close contact with the mother. Not getting it, they cry and act up at night

Co-sleeping with your child is more widespread than You might think. 90% of the Planet’s inhabitants practiced co-sleeping more or less regularly. It is useful and physiology proved a half-million history of human development.

Psychologists claim that this practice is especially necessary in families where both parents work, and children receive less love in the daytime. Co-sleeping families –a good way to compensate for the loss.

Awakening the child at night –this is natural

Toddlers a priori configured to close contact with the mother and constant access to food. And nothing we can do about it.

The demands of society evolve and mutate faster than biological requirements of the person. And biological model of existence, which is already more than half a million years, cannot suddenly be changed or ignored us. Especially when this evolution is unlikely to bring something good…


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