Child loves your father or your mother

Your child loves your father or your mother?

Very often the child more love not Papa and Mama, and prefers to spend time with her. Accordingly, the father worries about that. And sometimes the opposite situation occurs: the child loves daddy more.

Any change in the child’s behavior has a logical explanation. We rst consider the situation when the child loves the mother . than dad. This is quite typical.

The kid spends more time with his mother. Him with her calm, comfortable, he feels protected. And since dad most of my time at work, the child spends little time with him.

For the father has earned the love of his child, need to make some changes in the behavior of the Pope.

The child is more like mom than dad

If a child grows up “Mama’s boy”, and his father is not pulling, then the problem lies precisely in the behavior of the Pope . Should something change in your behavior towards the child, and you will notice how the kid will be attracted to you.

Devote free time to the child and not the computer

Often the father, returning home from work, immediately sits down at the computer, citing fatigue. The child absolutely can’t see or feel that the parent wants to communicate with him.

The little family member there is a feeling of uncertainty . He doesn’t know how dad will react to his joke, don’t know, dad would play with him .

And out of a sense of self-preservation (and it is very developed in children aged 3 years old) the child does not go to the contact, and extends to the mother. In such circumstances, the situation, when a child loves daddy more than mommy, can not arise.

Try at least not all of the time, but most of it to devote to your little son or daughter. Deep down the child really wants your attention.

Of course, not the first day the baby will change its attitude to the father, but the daily routine with the child will soon yield results. The child will cease to lose a mother, and will play quietly with my dad. And your family relations with Chad will be intimate and confidential.

Consult with your son or daughter, ask their opinion

A child who loves mom than dad, can interest personal involvement in the making of any of his father’s decision. Pope would be appropriate to cheat and make the kid himself expressed a desire to spend time with him.

Make it simple: tell the child that you have a very responsible job, and you don’t know what to do in a particular situation.

Children – little dreamers.

They love when parents not only listen to their fictions, but also perform . Often consult with the children and they will feel indispensable. With you kids want to spend time, as will feel the “need”.

Dedicate one weekend to spend time together with children

Only on weekends and holidays we can forget about the everyday life of workers. It is in these days need to spend more time with family in nature, in the country, at the Zoological gardens, in a cafe on the rides.

Places vacation you can think of a whole lot . Only games, rest and joint passion can change a child’s attitude towards his father.

Most often Express love to the child’s mother

Kid loves mom, not dad, perhaps because the father pays little attention to his wife (the mother of the baby). For the child, the mother always remains the most beloved and dearest person in the world. And if dad ignores her pleas and signs of attention, then the child sees the father of the offender.

When there is a quarrel in the family, the child stands on the side of one of the parents.

Uniform distribution of the children’s feelings of love between the parents is only possible if the baby sees the love of the Pope to mother and Vice versa .

Thus, if the Pope will not “entertain” the family will be interested in communication, and most importantly, will try to earn the love of a child, the child loves the father and will strive to spend more time with him.

Happy, strong family is the Foundation of healthy development of the baby!

Baby loves daddy more: rules of conduct for mom

Surprisingly, there are families where the child prefers the company of the Pope’s conversation with her mother. This situation is considered not normal.

So, how should we behave the mother, if the child loves daddy more?

Be kind to the child, do not yell at him

Maybe the baby daddy loves and reaches out to dad because mom is still not enough patience to calmly accept all of his pranks. The child anyway, no matter how well he was raised, will do stupid things and don’t watch out.

There can only be one piece of advice – be patient.

This troubled age ends when the baby is 5-6 years.

Daily engage in joint creative work

To regain the love of the mother will help the joint work. For General “needlework” the child is interested and forgets all wrongs.

Taking advantage of this moment, often praise the baby, encourage her efforts.

Small children like to be praised. Through such activities, the bond between mother and child become much stronger.

Don’t ignore the baby’s request

Baby loves daddy more than mommy, when can not achieve a response from the mother. Children aged from six weeks to three years old is very attached to mommy and don’t want to play without it. They are different ways distract her from household chores so that mom played with them.

But repeated disregard such requests leads to resentment on the native person and a child of despair goes to the father.

If the mother is busy, and the child drags her to play your game, you should combine these two classes.

For example, you are preparing dinner. Give your child a job in the kitchen. Bring it, throw it out. Thus, the child will be and the business is busy, and will be happy to help you.

Every weekend, spend time with your complete family (mom, dad, baby)

If your child loves daddy more, you need to spend more time together, full family. So the child learns to love mom and dad equally. He sees the relation of parents to him, the attitude of mothers and fathers to each other. Such a kind of idyll helps the baby to feel loved, needed by both parents.

Only permanent full time the family will be able to teach your child to appreciate family ties and served him an example for his future family.

Thus, the child is loved as mom and dad, both parents need to listen to him, to help him in difficult situations and always be around.

The love of parents gives rise to a reaction of the baby. Do not ignore their child, because someday he would have a family and all that you have laid in his childhood, will affect its relation to their own children!


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