Compatibility parents and children

There horoscope compatibility between two people, which in astrology is called an overlay. Mainly this horoscope book lovers who are going to marry, or couples who have lived together for any part of life and suddenly decided to divorce. Here without horoscope compatibility is simply not enough. But how often do we think, what is the compatibility of parents and children?

Compatibility of parents and children

And here already from problems not to go anywhere, because often we not only take care of the baby, but he educates us, forcing us to reconsider and his character and his worldview. There is a saying: “the Miracle is not that adults do to children, and that children do adults.”

Astropsychology in recent years, more attention is paid to parent-child relationships. This is because for every parent’s child is the most valuable and important in life. We are ready to sacrifice all for his happiness and welfare. That’s why suddenly arising problems in the relationship with their child has raised questions about their causes.

The more that modern life with its hectic pace, lack of stability and confidence in the future contribute to this. From the point of view of astrology, parents and children meet each other on the path of life in order to help better understand and improve themselves.

On this basis, we are making the horoscope of the child, be sure to consider both the horoscope of his parents, especially aspects of the moon and, accordingly draw conclusions about their compatibility and make recommendations on methods of child rearing, and effects. Very often a card, the child points to a difficult relationship with one or both parents.

Compatibility of parents and children sign

Analyzing the causes of conflict between them, we help parents to avoid the most serious mistakes of parenting. For example, quite different to the child-Scorpion will relate father-Aries or father-Scales, mother-Aquarius or mother-Cancer. Respectively and completely different children react differently to the father-Capricorn or father Leo, mother the virgin or the mother of Twins.

Not only through the sun sign in your horoscope, but also over the moon reflecting the care, treatment, education, relationship between parent and child. If the Moon is in your RAM, then the child may feel aggression from you. If your Moon is in Virgo, you can be overly critical of the child.

But if the mother with the Moon in Pisces, appreciate in men the softness and sensitivity, the son of the Sun and the Moon in Aries and Sagittarius rising – real daredevil, she will never make his child the poet and the mystic, no matter how he tried. Conversely, a “real man”-Aries, whose son wants to play music, you can help to see the delicate sensitivity of the boy as a gift, not as a shameful stain on his father’s masculinity.

Especially useful for the parents get acquainted with the horoscope of the child in cases of astrological incompatibility detected during the comparison of their cards. Much of what parents perceive as a deliberate challenge to their authority and take to heart, actually reflects a fundamental individual differences between two people.

And to see it through astrology is really very useful! We help parents to understand and resolve the cause of the conflict. We can cite many examples from our practice, when the astrological consultation parents began to understand the innate nature of the child, which immediately alleviated the conflict.

Compatibility of parents and children on the planet

For example, we asked for help from a parent-Aries, people with very fast reactions with the child – Taurus, the sign is generally very slow. These two characters quite a difficult for each other. Besides, the situation was compounded by the complexities of immigrant life. After the imposition of horoscopes father realized that the slowness is perfectly natural for a bull and is not a mere manifestation of stubbornness on the part of son, so it is quite possible to make a discount.

In particular, it is very wise to Wake this baby for about half an hour before the others. Then it will be time to Wake up and do morning rituals, so comforting for the Bulls. In short, after the parents realized that the behavior of their son due to his astrological device, not the intent to put them out, they were not able to take so seriously irritating quality of her offspring.

Another example is when painfully sensitive to the criticism of a parent with Cancer with the help of astrologer began to understand that his child-Virgo criticizes him because of his character and not because of parental inadequacy. In the third case the child in the horoscope was Aquarius rising and a strong Uranus, which portend the little man especially rebellious and turbulent adolescence.

The parents in this case had to deal with the fact that their child is constantly striving to become independent, self-sufficient adults, and that no social pressure will not be forced to roll with a unique, personally ordained him the path of life. His restlessness is not so much a challenge to parental authority as the need for its development and establishment of what he should become. In other words, it is an integral part of the process of maturing.

Typically, a map of the child is closely connected with the maps ‘ aspects of the outer planets. So all his life he will strengthen them exactly the problems that stood at his birth. For example, a child born on the return of Saturn, and will remain Saturnoil experience for the parent. Its very existence will encourage them to increase their consciousness.

The psychology of the parents is such that the stereotypes of relations between a child and father or child-mother came from childhood by the parents. To better know your child, we must know ourselves, to examine our relationship with his parents, after all, creating a family of your own, we somehow projected her family relationships of their parents.

How to increase the compatibility of parents and children

Children are largely our reflection, and continuing. Something we really like it, is accepted, but something can cause stress, anxiety, and sometimes anger, and even rage. It often happens that children and parents are completely opposite opinions about their relationship. How we build your relationship with your child, depends largely on whether our understanding of the maturing child with us, his parents, in the future.

Building your relationship with the child, parents should be based primarily on love and forgiveness, knowing that the fear and guilt that arose in childhood, is one of the main reasons for all the troubles, illnesses and other misfortunes of modern man.

To get rid of this feeling, we have to comprehend its nature and causes, and for this purpose first of all to understand the concepts of responsibility and commitment not only for your child, but first and foremost for myself. If the relations between parents and children will lie immutable universal truths known to many from his childhood: the good, understanding, love and respect; that every family can spread happiness.

In horoscope compatibility are solved, for example, questions such as: Why our child feels rejected? Is it possible to want something for our child and to make this wish come true? Why is my twenty-two year old son is in no hurry to take responsibility and to live independently? And many others.

For settings on the card to the astrologer, it is useful to see the baby or a picture of him. Particular attention parents we pay reflected in map positive inclinations, talents and abilities that they could promote.

Very often parents turn to for advice about the teenager. Astrology as a profession is controlled by Uranus, the planet most closely associated with youthful period and all its turmoil.

Turning to the horoscope as a reflection of individuality, you will help a young person to see its true “I” – different from the samples imposed by peers, family, society. Why astrological interpretation can be very useful to a teenager seeking to understand who he really is. For these children especially important horoscope.

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