How to be, if a child Masturbates?

Children’s Masturbation: norm or pathology?

You caught your child playing with genitals? You were so shocked and appalled that he did not know how to respond? What it is: a fun, promiscuity or illness?

About the dangers of children’s onanism (Masturbation) lots of talk, mostly unfounded.

Before, the baby begins to explore all parts of his body. He does not understand that the body has “forbidden” places. If we remind him about it, his curiosity increases, and can turn into a pathological habit.

Often Masturbation is characteristic of active children, “slowpokes” just suck your thumb or the edge of the blanket.

Usually parents are too embarrassed to seek advice from professionals. While Your wrong reaction can harm, maim the child’s life.

How to respond to children’s Masturbation?

First of all, if You ever caught your child for a lesson in Masturbation, no need to faint or scream, stomp their feet.

Requires endurance and tact. If it’s a small child, try calmly, without emotion to shift his attention to something else.

With school-age children also need to be calm, to talk about it when he’ll be able to listen to You. But in any case, do not scold the child, and do not be intimidated!

Sedate him, teach what You want to help him, not judge him that it will not affect Your love for him.

After the initial shock passed, a trust relationship established with the child, try to understand why the child is engaged in an onanism?

Why children are engaged in an onanism?

Very often parents themselves, or rather their conduct gives rise to the appearance of Masturbation in children. Here are the main causes of Masturbation in children:

1.Wrong education, when the child feels unwanted, unloved, lonely.

It is so oppresses and torments that he was trying to escape, to compensate for the loneliness. If a child accidentally discover that Masturbation drowns out his concern, makes life more pleasant, he will consciously to do it.

2. The lack of affection, parental warmth, sensitivity to separation from the mother.

The child in protest withdraws into himself and looking for a way to die. Masturbation becomes a kind of “discharge”

3. If the child has learned that the family was expecting a baby of the opposite sex. He’s a boy, and daddy needs a girl…Experiences and suffering of the child also can find your way out through Masturbation.

4. The force-feeding.

When parents are at war with the baby, cram, forcing all to eat. This causes only disgust for food. And if the child does not experience the pleasure of eating, we include other sensitive areas of the body. Area of the mucosa of the lips and mouth is connected with the genital area. If the first is “silent”, is excited by the second. The baby begins to touch the genitals. If You continue to force-feed the child, he continues to run. Habit is fixed for a long time.

5.A lack of hygiene, overly tight clothes, itching in the genital area with diathesis, diaper rash leads to the appearance of specific feelings and desire to call them.

6. Physical punishment (spanking, whipping) contribute to rush of blood to the genital area, involuntarily sexually arousing the child.

7. Imitation of senior – if the child is seen in the movie, happened to see the parents, or older children with high sexual interest.

What to do if a child Masturbates:

1. Find the cause and try to resolve it.

2. Do not feed the child by force.

3. Wear loose clothing and underwear.

4. To ensure that the child immediately fell asleep. If necessary provide demulcent decoctions and potions.

5. To increase physical activity of the child: sports clubs, walks in the fresh air.

6. More likely to hug, to caress, to kiss the child. To pay more attention.

7. Not to criticize, not to intimidate, not to reproach, especially in front of strangers.

Remember, Masturbation is a way of discharge of nervous tension. If he shows up at Your child, look for sources of stress.

Do not attach the Masturbation excessive values. Your threats for a kid worse than Masturbation. It is they, not the Masturbation, can cripple your child’s future.


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