How to choose a design

Narrow children’s room cozy design possible

Children’s room is important for both the child and his parents. The child should be comfortable and cozy, and parents calmly that nothing hinders the development of their baby. If the holders of more space in the imagination itself is not necessary to limit, to narrow baby room designs to choose is not always easy.

Basically accents «narrow» interior

Irregularly shaped rooms are always a difficulty for design. The problem are two long walls, especially if they have Windows, and the end wall, which is a variation of the arrangement rule out a narrow doorway. Not to carry out alterations, there are several techniques that not only negate the shortcomings, but also will make the room comfortable — the same children.

The main emphasis has to be placed:

the choice of decoration for the walls;

selection of color solutions;

framing a door;

the design of the ceiling;



floor covering;


Light to help you!

We should immediately accept the fact that the range of design styles narrow child will be limited to use a certain color scheme.

From the expert! Rich and dark colors are the same throughout the room is strictly prohibited. They are used only as decoration.

You should only use light, neutral colors:

These colors expand the space, fill it with light.

Properly decorate walls, ceiling, floor

To visually reduce the length of the room will help the emphasis on short walls. Their paint or Wallpaper darker tone than the main one, put drawings and decorated with colourful details. Ideally, you need to choose a contrasting colour decors. Well-chosen under design long children’s wall murals and 3D Wallpaper will distract attention from the long walls.

Wallpaper with vertical stripes will help to visually shorten a long wall. Such Wallpaper, it is appropriate to apply only on any one area or zone, for example, near a bed or a working part.

Ceiling better be painted in light tone or to paste plain texture Wallpaper. Ceilings and overhead construction of plasterboard will only aggravate the space.

Note! Color for the ceiling is elected for a shade lighter than the walls. This trick will visually make the room wider and more spacious.

With the exception of the room with very high walls, suspended ceiling with spectacular photo printing or design in General tone will be the main part of the interior.

Not unimportant role in the design long narrow child’s room and plays flooring: it should be warm, eco-friendly and at the same time to conceal the defects of the room. The most appropriate options — carpet, laminate or parquet .

When laying laminate flooring, you must adhere to the General principle: choose lamina are narrow part parallel to the broad walls.

Parquet is selected with a rectangular pattern and the narrow side is placed perpendicularly to the walls.

The designer advises!

The carpet is better to choose a rectangular shape and place it so that the narrow part rested on the broad wall.

Pay attention to the shape and size of the doors. If possible, it is necessary to expand them. Well increase the space of a hinged door. The color of the door to pick up the tone of the flooring.

Zoning area

The number of areas it is difficult to strictly differentiate in the narrow space. Designers offer to combine the bedroom with a place to relax, and working to make it so that it is easily transformed in a place of rest and fellowship.

Zoning to organize ways:

distribution of furniture;

lighting design;

different colors of walls;

separation with screens, shelving.

For narrow rooms often use a rack for division into functional areas for two children. They are small in size, but decorating them can be absolutely different. As the rack looks interesting high stand with fresh flowers.

Expert advice! If you use partition — it is very solidly attached. Flower pots so as properly to strengthen the shelves of the bookcases.

Note: the lighting!

It is important to know!

If all lights shall be placed along the long wall — the effect they give, and even more would reduce the space. It is necessary for the installation of lighting maximum use of the narrow walls.

For rectangular areas, the traditional location of the chandelier in the center will be uncomfortable. Better organize Autonomous lighting in each zone and a few lights on the ceiling.

The lamps are selected such power to one square meter accounted for no less than 12 MW of light energy.

To create unusual kids room design uses led illumination. On the walls are created patterns, unusual paintings, original scenery.

How to arrange the furniture

An important part of any interior is the furniture. To the selection of furniture for the decoration of kids room design in rectangular shape should be considered. For narrow rooms, following the example of apartments in «Khrushchev» , suit or multifunctional furniture-transformer. In such embodiments, beds and tables often make flip. This allows you to save space.

Important! In a narrow room, it is necessary to try not to place all the furniture along one wall continuously. Better if between separate parts there are intervals in which there are elements of decor, mirror.

Organization bed is very important for the child. If possible, the best bed positioning across the room at the end wall. It is very convenient to purchase a loft bed, and under it to have a workplace. Well and a variant with a folding bed, do not discard.

For workplace experts traditionally advise you to choose the part of children near a window. If that doesn’t work, you can get acquainted with the proposals of the designers on the photo of room design girls.

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