How to raise a child.

As parents, we often hear from grandparents: “before the children were different” or something similar. And if you compare children of different generations, you’ll notice the difference between them in everything. That is, their intellectual, mental and physical state.

The modern child is sitting with a tablet or smartphone more than playing football, he is more developed intellectually, more irritable, but less fights on the streets.

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Parenting is now going through changes and many parents are looking for solutions choosing home education, homeschooling, gaining popularity of online learning.

We offer you advice several popular teachers: a contemporary Denis Johnson and teachers of the past, Maria Montessori, and Lev Tolstoy, which we liked.

Principles of education Denis Johnson

Denis Johnson grew up in a poor family, at the age of 17 gave birth to a child, at 21, became homeless, and 23 earned his first million. She is the mother of five children and grandmother of several grandchildren, now she goes to seminars all over the world and talks about his principles of education of children. Perhaps they are a little silly, but sort of rationality and frugality.

Avoid TVs, smartphones and tablets

Who is the best friend of “normal” child? Most likely, the TV, computer and mobile phone. Children of Denis Johnson got his first phone at the age of 16, their first computer was the old father’s computer, and TV in your home is not at all.

Teaches you the cartoon about Sponge Bob?

Lazy, immoral, nihilistic man rejoices about how he cheated others. You would want your sons have grown the peasants have? Would such men for their daughters? If not to watch TV for 30 days. this dependence can be eliminated,” says Johnson.

Teach your child to love the work

Approaching the weekend, and that children hear? Thank God, Friday; you can relax from THIS work ; the head of the I — pig; subordinates do not obey, and work angry. Such a position since the childhood teaches, for example, that work is bad, hard and unpleasant. Children so trained will not want to work or start their own business, — says Denis Johnson.

In her family, kids as young as two years doing simple chores, and to 11 years, their contribution is quite significant.

Teach your children to manage things

“I give the child 50 dollars a year on shoes and buy four pairs of jeans. No luxury shoes for the money can not buy, but if you want — or go earn, or wait for sales!” says Johnson, noting that the child should be provided with the necessities. but the special fantasies and desires it needs to sell itself.

“The worst thing parents can do is to earn money to give their children what they themselves lacked in childhood. When the children grow up, they find themselves in a world where no one can afford to live a certain way,” says Denis Johnson.

With the waste of money there are only two options: to buy unnecessary things (and provide a good education and a lot of the children of those businessmen who sell these things), or to teach children that money you can save, earn and invest. “How to motivate your child not to spend money where it shouldn’t? In our house there is a rule if you accumulate $ 10, and I’ll give you another 10. When the amount collected, always buy only the things that allow you to grow and develop: a Bicycle. musical instrument, journey,” says Johnson. And don’t buy what they buy! Typically, this extra things that take up space .

Teach your child generosity

Happy people are emotional and material generosity. They are not envious and very generous. Teach the child to respect, calls on Johnson. Not by chance in the Bible does it say that 10% have to sacrifice: children in her family, too, to give 10% of every earned dollar orphans. 20% remains at rest and entertainment, and the rest goes to the Treasury. For the future and implementing ideas.

The Commandments Of Maria Montessori

Maria Montessori worked all his life with the children and created, through observation, a unique system of education for all-around and harmonious development of the child.

If You will be at least once a year to re-read this list, then the relationship with the children can reach a qualitatively new level, and the child will grow more advanced and harmonious personality:

1. Children are taught by what surrounds them.

2. If the child is often criticized – he learns to condemn.

3. If the child is often praised – he learns to appreciate.

4. If the child sees the hostility he learns to fight.

5. If a child is honest – he learns justice.

6. If the child is often ridiculed – he learns to be shy.

7. If a child lives with a sense of security he learns to have faith.

8. If the child is often discredited – he learns to feel guilty.

9. If the child often approve – he studies well to treat themselves.

10. If the child often indulged – he learns to be patient.

11. If the child is often encouraged – he gains confidence in himself.

12. If a child lives in an atmosphere of friendship and feels necessary – he learns to find in this world is love.

13. Do not talk bad about the child – neither with him nor without him.

14. Concentrate on the good development in the child, so in the end not bad place to stay.

15. Always listen to and respond to the child who appeals to you.

16. Respect the child who made a mistake and now or later to fix it.

17. Be prepared to help a child who is in search of and to be invisible for the child who found everything.

18. Help your child to discover unknown things. Do this, filling the environment with care, moderation, silence and love.

19. In the treatment of a child is always follow best manners – offer him the best that is in you.

“Education is to be able to live well, i.e. to move, to grow up, only these people influence others, and raise them. And especially the children with whom you are associated. To be truthful and honest with children, not hiding from them what is happening in the soul, there is only education.”

Perhaps we, as parents, need to understand and accept, both new and old recommendations for education of our children, and most importantly every time a personal example to confirm the value system that we would like to inherit our children.

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