How to raise children-Indigo?

Just to warn you that to take up the matter with the attitude “Oh, and difficult child I got in trouble!” is not worth it. Your task is not to remake it, but to help him open up . as a person. If the little man will grow in a comfortable and friendly environment, it is unlikely to have a desire to engage her in a conflict. A new consent will be provided.

To raise children-Indigo cautious with five “Golden” rules.

Rule # 1: Communicate

The phrase “Leave me alone, I don’t have time!” eliminate from your vocabulary once and for all. At least in relation to child-Indigo. It is very simple. Imagine that one day the child on all your requests and questions for him to answer exactly the same. Pleasant enough, isn’t it? Therefore it is better not to set a bad example. Your age superiority does not entitle you to speak with the child down. He is your continuation. Here and talk to him as you would talk to yourself. Learn to hear him, and he will learn to listen to you.

Talks with children-Indigo all your actions . If you’ve decided to take the child to the rink, describe in detail how you came up with such a wonderful idea. If you’re going to pull it from the computer, also try to find convincing arguments. Instead of the terrible cry of “just You wait and see, I will delete all of your “shooting”!” much better would be to suggest: “let’s discuss with you about the gift my dad’s birthday. And anything interesting I can’t think!” . Or just ask: “When you’re done, come, please, to me: we need to talk”.

Rule # 2: don’t be fooled by

Child-Indigo thanks to the great intuition always able to “feel” adult . This is not the mask that he never would have guessed. So its really to spend, you need to be an outstanding actor.

One of my friend it was very hard to refuse addictions to Smoking. Not to say that she had become a smoker mothers: “dabbled”, as she believed, Smoking a couple of cigarettes a day. But, nevertheless, she greatly feared that the habit inherits her twelve-year-old daughter – a girl not for years intelligent and living by the rules. The trick is to capture mom: never smoked in her presence, not leaving the cigarette packs, securely hiding them in the depths of her purse. All was useless. Smoking like a chimney, the daughter of a friend “caught” on the private balcony in the company of two classmates. Her pathetic cries of “Girl, why you no shame!” the daughter replied: “Mom, stop stressing: let’s start with the fact that you are not ashamed”.

Do not hide from the child’s reality. Better find the courage to talk to him. Otherwise he will also start to follow the standards that seem to him attractive, and no explanation to anybody will not give. To raise children-Indigo honestly.

Rule # 3: Play

Children-Indigo lonely, they constantly need new impressions and emotional meltdown. Boredom is not such a harmless beast, as it may seem. Deficiency experience for the child-Indigo – direct road to depression . and hence to outbursts of unmotivated aggression near. Child-Indigo, especially at preschool age, should not be left alone with himself. He is often unable to control their actions and their desires.

The best way to tell the kid about life than the game, teachers don’t work yet. Include fantasy, invent game shape for everyday household Affairs . You need to quickly clean up the toys? Declare child-Indigo about the coming “tsunami” and the need for urgent evacuation of all bears, dolls and bunnies in the corners of the apartment. Will managed for a few minutes, can see this for yourself! Not only spare emotions to create an “emergency”!

The habit of playing with children, Indigo will help you to build with him strong trusting relationships . Will be even better, if you can organise games with the participation of all households. May they be included in the Arsenal of your “Golden” family traditions. It brings nothing as joint work and shared joy.

Rule # 4: Nurture

My ex-roommate could not praise enough his year old son: the boy began to read in three years, to write block letters in three and a half, to five years knew the names of almost all countries of the world and had a good understanding of where and what kind of capital. Adult interlocutors Dima every time he opened his mouth in astonishment after his philosophical statements.

But on the Playground Dima became a real disaster. He had no trouble to put up a fight, take away the toys from the kids, to the nines to trample someone carefully built sand houses.

To complain about his behavior to my mother was useless. The maximum that she can do is to promise: “you will hear me!”. However, Dima was sure of complete impunity .

Once I tried to talk to the neighbor about the behavior of her son. She said, ” I talk to him, explain what you can do, and what not. But I don’t want to punish him! If to him to be rigid, it is possible for a root to strangle the child all of his abilities!”. A neighbor has changed its position only when in the process of educating Dima intervened psychologist from kindergarten.

Any child, and Indigo including, always adults will experience “strength”, periodically looking for new boundaries between “what is good” and “what is bad”. Guiding him, it is very important to properly “dose limits”. Don’t forget that education is primarily the work, and then the mode. Raising children-Indigo. give them the freedom of choice, but tactfully correct when they get a “return bends”.

Rule # 5: you should defer to their opinion

With children, Indigo certainly will not tolerate is disrespect to yourself. Want you or not, but to reckon with their opinion will have absolutely everything . I know a young girl of ten years old, which gave parents a scandal due to the fact that they did not consult with her about the timing of repairs in the house.

On the website of the Russian Community of Indigo mother of two year old boy shares his observations: “My eldest son was nothing like in his younger age. The impression that Jr. was born with a sense of who he is and what he wants. It often happens that he is affected by the prohibitions and our parental authority. I feel that can make it even worse, using pressure, and it will lose trust me. He can get along only if you really respect him and his wishes. We learn a lot from each other…”

To learn from each other – this is probably the best leitmotif for the education of children of Indigo. Researchers Lee Carroll and Jan Tober in the book “the Children of Indigo” remarkable words: “We, as adults, we lose something valuable: to be here and now, confident to enjoy life, listen to your inner voice, to love yourself, to love the whole world. Children, Indigo come to teach us this. And the techniques of positive parenting, which is recommended in dealing with them, actually – the principles of harmonious education for every child”.

Let’s learn to love their children for what they are: Indigo, Indigo anyway. Because for every loving mother her child is the best, the smartest, the most beautiful and talented. And, of course, deserve to be happy.

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