Let childhood ripen in children

Love — is the way of living of children and animals.

How to love your child? Seemingly stupid question. We all love their kids as best they can. But there is another – why is it so often happens that our favorite kids growing up, moving away from us, and we lose them spiritual contact and understanding? And here we should ask ourselves – but do we really understand their baby?

We present excerpts from a wonderful book Sarani and Nina Nekrasova “Cease to bring up children — help them grow”:

“… you can be a good parent, raising a child in between, so that you and the child have enough, and to feel like a person. Here it is important to learn just one secret: kids don’t need you “gave them the best years of life” and all the life on them. The only thing that they need — it is your unconditional love. “

“If your love for her child is unconditional, … you can easily give children what they need most . And these are just three simple things:

· respect;

· trust;

· safety.

Three components that will make a loved one happy”.

But this Chapter is from the book Sarani and Nina Nekrasova was first published in the journal “Home”, 2003, August. We give it in full:

“Who will teach me?

Not necessarily to go to school and to study a lot of books to understand how to properly handle their own children how to grow good, confident, happy person. Sometimes it is enough just to take a closer look around — and suddenly you will meet great teachers.

For us, this “teacher” was once own a dog — a tall lean “noble” named Boniface.

First Bonn walked over to the crib of the newborn “on tiptoe”, noisily sucked air and looked bewildered for an hour, demanding explanations.

— Their own, — told him.

— Your own? — astonished Boniface and crawled in beside her, apparently pondering the new information. The bundle in the crib began to stir, and all of a sudden he heard the first scream. From now on, the dog invariably lost composure at the sound of children’s Reva. What also got. We are charging Beaune “sit” with the baby. Children of all ages useful to communicate with animals, right? Yes and we could go about our adult activities, not looking up every minute of screams left alone the child. To be alone with a strange world — not every kid on the shoulder such a burden.

The son studied world infant blue eyes — the dog was standing nearby, waving a white tail. Leon reached for the rattle — the dog chewed thoughtfully at the other. Leon learned to sit ” dog curiously watched his somersaults. Lenya with a stubborn snort tried to stand up in the crib — the dog pushed his wet nose. But they sang in two voices. Lenka — inspired and deep voice, Bonica — with lingering plaintive podivam. Neighbors, however, were not happy with the duet.

But only when the baby learned to crawl, we truly appreciated the stoic patience of our “noble”. His son, he allowed that it was forbidden to everyone else: to pull by the tail, twist the ears, Gore, bite, shove into the gaping jaws of a toy. It is agile and restless at any other time, Bonica taught us, the adults, the lessons of patience and Forbearance.

Boniface taught Lenya to walk. Eight-month-old baby latched on powerful legs, with difficulty, but reached for a dog’s back and grabbed her in a stranglehold. The dog carefully made the first step. With him Chagall and the baby, but of course mistakes were made and, of course, beside the shaggy man. Skin teachers partied like pooch turned into a Shar Pei, but the dog waited patiently for dangling Lenka regains a foothold. And it all began again.

It is unlikely that such entertainment brought Boniface joy, most likely, bravely endured and only Emeril eyes and took a sharp muzzle to the side, when the little pupil once again crept to the lessons.

Maybe that’s when we first really saw and understood what unconditional love, patience and acceptance of man as a whole, even when he roars, even when he fights.

This is love without conditions is manifested in such things it is, in essence, consists of “detail” — simple, subtle events of our lives. Actually it’s not trivia. What happens daily, constantly, that has become habitual, that determines how things will develop in future relationships between adults and children.

Love — it’s like the air while breathing — not to notice. But try to do without it! Love — is the way of living of children and animals. It is a pity that we, as adults, forget about it. And fuss, and marsim forehead, and read notation…

Maybe let us remember that just to be, just smile, just to forgive and to accept the world as it is, — this is the beginning of happiness, the love without conditions, which in childhood we somehow weaned. Yes, first we weaned, and now we, in turn, we are teaching him not his children. Let’s abort this abnormal relay and will be again to learn is just to love. Of course. Because unconditional love — the soil in which are children. It is easy to overlook, and not even notice it. It is easy to replace. But, having realized its true value, it never too late to return to it. The lessons of childhood — the most durable, because they stay with for life. So let the lessons we give to our children, will the lessons of kindness and love, true love — without conditions. No matter how many years your favorite little man — never too late to start. And have to start from yourself. Start today, start now. Ready? Go!

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