Parents and children

Lesson purpose: the Formation of ideas about the relationship between parents and children in a Muslim family

Objectives of the lesson:

•to Expand students ‘ knowledge about the rights and duties of parents and children in Islamic family

•to Acquaint with the features of upbringing children in an Islamic family

•to Develop in students the skills of a culture of dialogue, debate

•to Foster love, respect, responsibility to their parents

Activities: educational dialogue, oral story on the topic, discussion, tutorial

Equipment: multimedia projector, books, quotes, Proverbs, videos: “Parable “conversations with God” and “the Hadith about parents’

1. Organizational moment

Teacher: we All were able to gather,

Work together to take.

We will think, talk,

Can we lesson to start

2. The message topics and lesson objectives

Guys, we continue our study of the theme “the Family in Islam”. Today we will talk about the relationship between parents and children in the Islamic family, the rights and duties of parents and children according to Islamic customs, traditions and the Sharia.

So, the topic of our today’s lesson ’s Parents and children” (1 slide)

3. The presentation of the new theme

From the first day of birth of a person warms a parent’s love. (2 slide). Your child ’ s the best, most beautiful. Here’s how this is reflected in popular sayings (3 slide). «When birds and animals offered to bring the most beautiful thing, the crow brought his crow” Ingush proverb), ( 4 slide) “And brown bear his child calls the white, and the porcupine ” soft” Tatar proverb).

– Question to the children . “Guys, how about the Tatar last saying?”

(Ayu te the eighth opium, Carpe te the eighth omegam).

(slide 5) the Birth of a child – the event that causes great joy and gratitude that we share with relatives and friends. Children for Muslims is extremely welcome and loved, they are considered a precious gift. With the birth of a child parents with love and affection care about your child doing his / her education.

According to Islam, the child has a guaranteed right .

Islam imposes on parents the duty of caring . It is from the parents, the children will learn about the major moral values . who will guide them on the path of life. Help to open a small window into this world, teach them to love life itself, nature, their Homeland . Father and mother teach the child to be honest, fair, to do good deeds, they try to teach him to work.

-Every child a parent is required to give education. For the first word of divine blessing was “read”. (Sura “Bundle”, 96:1)

Is also an important task of the parents – to warn children away from bad habits in the first place, from Smoking, alcohol and drugs.

In the first years of his life the child is not aware of the real danger, therefore, parents have an obligation to protect his young child or your young children from illness and danger . which threaten his life and his development.

Both parents must do all things to your baby, care for it, to ensure suitable living conditions.

-(slide 6) the Prophet Muhammad said: “a Father can give his child anything better than good education” (al-Tirmidhi); and “Be attentive to their duties before Allah and be fair to their children” (Saheeh al-Bukhari).

-(slide 7) One of the inalienable rights of the child according to Islamic law – this right on the beautiful names . He encourages parents to choose their children beautiful and sonorous names. The name is an ornament and a symbol for man. Islam recognizes that the name affects the person, as it is connected with him all his life and after his death. In addition, his name will bear his children and descendants. In Islam names are preferred

Abdullah Abdurahman, common names of prophets such as Ibrahim (Abraham), Musa (Moses), Dawud (David), ISA (Jesus) and Muhammad. For girls the names of pious Muslim women from the past: Khadijah, Maryam, Fatima and others. Most importantly, the names should give a correct and nice value.

You guys in the last lesson, was given the task to learn the meaning of your names.

(slide 8) Let us now find out what represent our names. (The teacher first explains the meaning of his name).

Guys, each of you parents gave very sonorous and beautiful names.

Guys, talk to parents and find out why you called this name and email for the next class essay – essays on the history of his name complaints. (slide 9)

Each of you receives from his parents and the love and tenderness and care. The feelings that parents have for children, beautifully told Tatar poet Musa Jalil. (slide 10) please Open the books and read together the poem Musa Jalil ( the tutorial page 62).

Think and find the line in the poem that reflects the theme of our lesson. (Lead the students to the answer that it is the last line of the verse).

(slide 11) In Islam large are the responsibility of the parents to raise children. Each of you grappling with their care and love. You agree with me? (answer children)

Guys, tell me, do your parents scolding you? Do you think it is a manifestation of love and care, or Vice versa?

What you criticize? (To fail to the idea that – for neglect of duty)

( Dialogue, discussion about the responsibilities of children)

Yes, each of us has both rights and responsibilities. It is very important that each of you with respect and treated their parents cared for them. (slide 12) the Qur’an puts kindness to parents in the first place immediately after the worship of Almighty God “And the Lord commanded you that you worship none but Him, and to show a good attitude to parents. If you reach old age, one parent or both, do not say to them angrily, don’t grumble at them and talk to them respectfully. Osanai them the wing of humility merciful and say: “o Lord! Have mercy on them [because they were good to me] when I was raised by a child” (Qur’an, 17:23-24).

In the hadith stipulates the rules on the relation of children to parents. (slide 13)

Look and listen very carefully, how we should treat our parents. ( See the video “the Hadith)

(slide 14) Guys again read these hadiths, remember them and try to follow them to earn the gratitude of your parents.

Guys, I want to ask you another question. And whose care you feel more? Who cares more about you – mom or dad? (answer children).

(slide 15) Yes, still the greater part falls to the mother.

In Islam, respect for mother and values of motherhood are inseparable. Stands out in terms of the role and place of mother in the life of a man described by the Prophet Muhammad. “a man asked the Prophet: “Who am I supposed to respect in the first place?”

The prophet replied: “Mother” .

“whoever then” . the man asked?

“Mother” . replied the Prophet.

“And after her?”

“Mother” .

“And then?” the man asked.

“Father” (hadith from Bukhari and Muslim).

And now I want to suggest to look at the parable of guardian angel. I hope this film will help you Express true feelings to your mother, to your parents. ( See the video «Conversation the young child with God”).

Guys, now imagine that you hear your parents, and let everyone say nice words addressed to his parents. Can start with the words: “Mom, dad ………”

(clydach-24) there are family photos of children).

-(slide 25) well Done! You can find so many good, kind words addressed to his parents.

I hope that you will carry through all my life the love of their parents

Today, coming home, let everyone hug your parents and tell them all those kind words that you said here.

Let’s never over your house

Don’t you hear the rumble of thunder,

Let there be in it a lot of smiles,

And a lot of space for love!

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