Playing with child at home.

During the day, than only the mother is not engaged with the child and walk, and rest, and eat, and talk. But still the main activity for children in their second year of life is a game. While playing, the baby develops, learns, himself in this world. Therefore, the main objective of mom is to help the child to fill in every item of his knowledge of the game.

We offer you the following games with your child at home.

Pour-pour. Spread a blanket on the floor, put on his child. Give it a different capacity and that he will pour (various grits, small rocks, buttons). Show him how to scoop, pour, mix cereals. Let him enjoy it. Without spreading too not do, but what is the use for little fingers. However, watch out for the baby, not let’s take things in their mouth.

Yoke-horse . Small children love to ride on the backs of their dad. Try out horse riding in the apartment. Don’t forget to ask the rider to hold on tight.

Fun boxes . Do not rush to throw out your old boxes. They can be a great material for toddler. It may invest in various objects, toys. Rattle closed bolls, listen to how they sound. Please note the child that large items do not fit in a small box. Let the child puts one box to another. Eventually he will realize that the biggest box you need to put down. Each cover make different geometric openings. Give your child the shapes and see whether he can insert them into the corresponding holes in the lid of the box.

The house under the table . Young children love to hide in hidden places. Arrange for him under the table, covering his big blanket so that the fabric hanging down on all sides. At the same time leave a little space – it will be the door. Climb into this “house” with the child, tell interesting stories, bring favorite toys, Shine flashlight inside.

Playing with a ball.

Sit opposite each other at a small distance. Roll the little ball, and he you. You can throw the ball, make jump on the floor.

Invite your child to roll the ball into the tunnel. It can be a chair, table or let it ride between your legs. The main task is not to miss.

Put in a row of skittles or plastic bottles. Invite a child to knock them off the ball. Gradually increase the distance between the pins and the baby. The pins can also knock down the leg, as in football.

Swing. Sit down face to face the child. Push your feet into the legs of the baby. First, lean back, while the body of the baby reaches for you, then Vice versa. Move like a seesaw. Pronounce the fun rhymes ill sing songs.

I am water, I am water . The kids love to play with water, to fill and to empty the jar, pour water from one container to another, wringing out a washcloth, squeezing her hands, to let the ships of sponges or kitchen sponges. So provide the child with all necessary for these games. Another game with water – storm cocktail straw. Take a deep plate with water, a cocktail stick and teach your child to blow into it. Get bubbles, which surely will please your child.

Ribbons, handkerchiefs. Take some colorful, not too long ribbons. Play with ribbons, holding them in your hand, so they were squirming like snakes. Help the child to play the same way. Else you can just throw light silk handkerchiefs up and to keep track of how smoothly they spin and fall.

Surprise . Take a box, fill it with any material (pieces of colored tissue paper, confetti). And in the middle put any toy. Tell your child a story that encourages him to start looking in the box. Rejoice with him his discovery.

Talking fingers. Draw on the fingertips of his hand funny faces. Let your “men” talking with the child, tell interesting stories, tales. Refer to the kid with questions, ask for his advice, ask him to sing a song, dance, etc. Even gay men will help you to play finger games.

Steam – no steam . Lay the child a pile of his socks. They should be different colors and everyone should have a pair. Show the child two identical socks, tell me this pair. So look for the others. Give praise and rejoice in his success.

Doo-Doo-Doo . Take a thick cardboard tube from under the foil. Talk to her as a mouthpiece. Contact toddler toys. You can play as a pipe. Attach to the eye – get a great telescope. Play the game “What do I see?” Tell your child: “I see a table, a chair, a red ball”. Look at the object through binoculars, have the child repeat your movements.

Touch… encourage your child to touch different parts of their body. Touch your nose and say to the child: «I touch your nose. Can you touch your nose?» Name the different parts of the body, encouraging the child to repeat after you. Can even humming a cheerful song.

Hide the toy. Hide a toy and ask your child to find her. For the little toy you need to put so the baby saw her. Gradually complicate the task. Another embodiment of the game – hide a toy tied to her rope. The very toy hide and leave the rope visible. Child should understand that by pulling on it, you receive the toy itself.

Pouch . Put in an opaque bag 3-4 different toys, after letting the child to look at them (bear, comb, keys). Invite a baby to drop into the bag hand and touch to guess the item found. You can ask him to get a certain item.

Where someone house. Take cookie cutters from the cookie or from the masses for sculpting. On a blank sheet of paper draw the outlines of these shapes (circle, triangle, fish, Bunny). Put before the child molds and propose to combine them with the drawings. Start with 1-2 cups, but if you see that the child understood the game – let’s complicate the task.

Houses . Make with baby houses of different objects of the same color. In one house, collect all the red objects (machine, toy, pen), in the other house – blue, etc. Take a cargo car and let it delivers items to their homes. Comment on their actions. Such actions can be performed by sorting objects by shape, size.

To each its own color . Put dolls or other toys. Give them colored plates. Take a mosaic – this will be candy for dolls. Tell your child that you need to put a candy of the same color as the plate. First voice: “Take a yellow candy. Where’s the yellow plate? Here it is. Put a yellow candy in a yellow plate”. Variations of this game can be a lot to plant the animal a cube of corresponding color to the marker to pick up the same cap.


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