Principles of education child 6 years

The child’s behavior 6 years is fundamentally different from the behavior of young children. The child already understands and has learned the social norms and rules of behavior in society, it becomes less impulsive, learning to deter aggression and defend their point of view in front of adults and peers.

Pursuing the education of the child is 6-7 years old, parents should be aware that at this age the child is particularly important relationships with peers, so you must do everything possible to ensure that he had his circle of friends with regular friends. Along with friends, a child 6 years old has a sincere interest in the opposite sex, the kid can carefully hide it, or, conversely, to show their sympathy. Parents should sustain in this period of the child and explain to him in an intelligible form, what is the concept of relationships between men and women, why are they important, and how to build them correctly.

The essence of raising children 6 years of age also lies in the fact that, not using an old, but not an effective method for children “carrot and stick”, the parents were able to find the correct approach to the baby, became a people he can trust.

It is very important that parents kids won’t be bored in this age with him to share his experience, together to visit different exhibitions, museums and theaters since age 6, the child is already able to perceive complex information.

The education of the child 6 years: psychology

From a psychological point of view, the age of 6-7 years is considered the period when the child is gradually moving away from their parents and everyone wants to hang out with their peers. Parents should not show jealousy, to prevent the child from spending time with friends, complaining about his reluctance to spend time with them, as all these manipulation of children’s minds will only cause feelings of guilt in the child, which in the future can generate a set of complexes.

At the age of 6-7 years psychological development of the child undergoes progressive changes, more are developing their physical capabilities and expanding mental abilities. Intellectual learning is a key activity when raising a child 6 years of age. The psychology of the preschool child is also undergoing some pressure from parents who are beginning to prepare for the coming first day in school. Requirements for baby increase dramatically, he can’t do what he wants, parents are actively developing in their children the attention and diligence. However, we should not forget that the game still is very important for the baby, so 1-2 hours a day he should be given time to explore, to give him the opportunity to choose an activity for leisure.

Best used for bringing up a child 6 years of various educational games that will allow him to effortlessly purchase necessary school skills and knowledge, besides the game will continue to evolve randomness and handling his behavior.

Training directly affects the readiness of children for school, which means no knowledge of the alphabet and numbers, and motivational readiness, in other words, the child’s desire to learn and acquire new knowledge (cognitive motivation). In every child by nature is an enormous potential – the ability to learn and acquire new knowledge; it is very important to do everything possible in order not to lose it. Many parents who are raising a child of 6 years, the last year before school begins intensively to prepare for her with her baby. It is very important that preparation for school is not turned into a tedious duty, imposed on parents: this approach cut down at the root of the entire intellectual potential of the child to school, he will not want to walk, to learn later he is lazy. Making the boring classes, the elements of creativity and guiding them in the form of games, parents will achieve brilliant results, and preparing for school will become a wonderful pastime.

If the child decided to give specialized courses in preparation for the school, parents should choose bright and interesting for the child and a teacher, with whom they would not boring to do. Better not to start preparing for school than to instill in the child an aversion to learning boring jobs and boring teachers.

Also engaged in the education of the child is 6 years old, parents can tell children about their positive school experiences to those pre-formed about the school a positive opinion.

The education of the child is 6-7 years: practical advice

While raising a 6 year old child to the parents is very important to listen to his reasoning and fictions, discuss relevant topics or events, to listen to his opinion. The more the child will trust their parents, the easier it will be to communicate with other people.

Together with the child it is possible to produce a variety of crafts, learn to use the tools and tools, to paint, sculpt or to cook any of these processes, if desired, can be turned into an exciting game.

Pursuing the education of the child is 6 years old, parents usually want to invest in the character of his child such positive qualities as honesty, responsibility and sense of duty, to develop which can, following these simple rules, namely:

All family members (including parents) putting things away in their places, turn off the computer by a signal mom (or dad), etc.;

The child should not be very difficult chores, perfect cleaning of the plates from the table after dinner, watering the plants in the house, wiping dust from furniture surfaces;

For every small victory baby, completed before the end of the work or the responsible attitude should always follow a well-deserved praise;

The child should always be the right choice, to extort from him to perform any labor in the form of tone should not be, a much more effective approach is an alternative choice. For example, the child can explain that if he doesn’t help mom to clean the house, they will not be able to go for a walk, or it would not be very long, but if it will help, it saved time they will spend on vacation.

No less important is the reaction of parents who are raising a child of 6 years, missteps and misdeeds of his child. Bad behavior should be punished a single reprimand in which he clearly explain what his mistake, then this subject should no longer be returning. A further reminder of the transgression will be to make the child feel guilty, also mothers, loving “offended” to be more persuasive on their own children, should know that such behavior is wrong: not every child will be able to draw the right conclusions from this situation.


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