Public Involvement in the education of children

For the successful upbringing of the younger generation, it is important to be surrounded by an atmosphere of respect for the moral norms of behavior of This reach, provided that in the educational process in the school, except teachers, take in the participation of parents, community organizations, law enforcement agencies and other state uchrezhdeniye.

The school is able to attract to educational work with students, their parents, some of which can guide the work of the interest groups, because among them there are people of different professions, or to take the patronage of Uch CNAME who have a particular interest in a particular branch of knowledge, to mentor pedagogically neglected children Parents can participate in with students excursions to the enterprises according to the profile subject.

To determine the possibility of attracting parents to educational work with students at the parent meeting class offers a small form: “What would You be able to help you What kind of extracurricular iovnu work You’d like to do at school? “On the basis of the responses received will organise the work of the relevant sections, which is headed by Otari.

Significant assistance in the education of pupilsand parent have parent committees .

Starting to work with parents, the class teacher takes an active, among whom notices of candidates in a cool parent Committee – reputable people who are highly respected PTA class is elected for a parent meeting At the first meeting of the class teacher introduces the model by parental secondary school Committee, which sets out the objectives and scope of Committee members, their rights and obligations are Choosing the head of the parent Committee and is responsible for certain types of work: organization of parents, cultural-mass, sports-Fe the VHF work, given the ability of members to the Committee.

Similar functions (but on scale school has an overall school Committee the Scope of its activities covers the care of extended-day groups, the sanitary condition of the school, help the school in carrying out and repair, firewood, etc ..

Schools should maintain close ties with enterprises . assisting them in strengthening of material base, equipping classrooms equipment, computer equipment, their employees run circles in the school, organize tours and Educational role of linkages between school and the labour collective of the enterprise lies in the fact that students are introduced to the relationships that exist in the adult kollektiv.

Considerable educational work with students are conducted by the juvenile services x, which was composed of MPs, teachers, representatives of NGOs, police, justice, It focuses its activities on prevention of juvenile delinquency, welfare Uchenna normal conditions for vospitaniya.

Teaching staff should maintain a close relationship with the criminal police responsible for minors Such joint activity provides for the prevention of juvenile crime; investigate the causes and conditions in the offense, identify the individuals who involve minors in criminal deyatelnosti.

234 Educational impact of religion and the Church in the formation of the younger generation

In accordance with article 35 of the Constitution of Ukraine “the Church and religious organizations in Ukraine are separated from the state and the school from the Church”, defines a secular state the Law of Ukraine “On freedom of conscience t and religious organizations “(6) provides that” religious organizations have the right to establish religious education for children and adult educational institutions and groups using premises owned by Emirati. “.

To understand the scope of educational influence of religion on the individual, on the development of human civilizations, it is enough to refer to the statements of prominent people about the role of religion in the development of mankind: “wise and nisil linesi peoples are also the most religious “(Socrates.

Church teaching institution – collective justice that aims at education, improvement of human life

Significant influence of religion on the education of children in the family due to the fact that it deals with every man from his birth to death during the period of the totalitarian atheistic regime in the former USSR was the possibility p to see how the damage in the education of children and youth, especially in the spiritual and moral sphere, was dealt a Religion uses such means of educational influence: services and ceremonies, communions, ISP QB, preaching, absolution, blessing and Apply punishment: deprivation of blessings, curses, subjects anathema.

Religion has a lot to learn, there is something to learn from the teachers, namely:


Religious ideals is a powerful force that spiritually enliven the masses

The problem

1 What are the social and pedagogical factors contribute to the need for a cooperative educational work of the school, family and the public?

2 What should be the relationship of family, school and community for the full development of personality development of the child?

3 specify the content and form of organizational-pedagogical work of the school with parents and community

4 What forms of work are used for pedagogical education of parents?

5 Develop a text conversation with my parents on one of the following topics: “How to help children to learn?”, “How to teach children to perform the mode of the day?”, “How to organize the family the child’s free time?”


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