Sex education for children

Parents should be aware that sexual, sexual, parenting preschoolers, school children and adolescents — the need for a healthy psychosexual development of the child, for the formation of psychologically and emotionally Mature person.

However, most parents, because of their own upbringing, strongly ignore if you don’t confront, early sex and sexual education of children, which, in turn, can lead to incomplete and sometimes distorted and inadequate development of a person’s identity, including gender and sexual development.

Not hard to guess where sex and sexual deviations. perversion, sexual orientation, early and unexpected pregnancy. venereal diseases, impotence and frigidity. abortions and miscarriages, single mothers, abandoned children, and finally, the fall of the demographics, and what’s worse, the gradual disappearance of the intellectual and creative resources of the person.

Primary cause: improper upbringing in the family, including the lack of adequate gender and sexual education of children of preschool age .

Sex education for children preschoolers

Most modern parents, themselves educated in sexual and sexual ignorance, unconsciously prefer not to engage in direct sexual education of children . The fact is that in society, and hence in the heads (in the unconscious) many people programmed a ban on direct discussion of sexual and reproductive those with preschoolers.

Although, probably many have noticed that children (usually 5 years, «the age of the world») adults often ask a rather serious question, type: «How babies?», «Where did I come from?»…etc., But adults usually do not find anything stupider than to answer with a lie about a stork store or cabbage. Or outright ban, type: «older, will understand».

In short, parents are biased and stereotypical thinking that sex education preschoolers do not necessarily, all the time…grow up, you know. Sex and sexual relations in the family are not discussed openly, and even prohibited, both verbal (words) and nonverbally (behavior).

In the mind of a child is formed the parent application of the prohibition of sexual education and development. When the child grows, he is also, according to the program, will not be directly engaged in the sexual education of their children.

Sexual parenting preschoolers

Families in which, as in the Soviet Union «no sex», i.e., where not explicitly sexual education of children . and preschoolers held in sexual ignorance, nevertheless there sexual and sexual relations of the parents and, there is a psychosexual and sexual development of the child and, therefore, sexual and sexuality education takes place indirectly, i.e. based on the behavioral patterns of parents and their neverlost (body language. facial expressions, gestures, postures, sounds, voices, emotions…and physical contact: kissing, embracing, including, sometimes, and sex scenes), and on the basis of the representations and fantasies of the child.

Plus, in an indirect and often distorted sexuality and sexual education of the child begins to influence TV, Internet, street, magazines, etc.

Sex education in-school adolescents

Pretty hard to start sex education for adolescents . if this was not done in the preschool years.

About 10-years, children go from latent (hidden) stage of psychosexual development — begins transition, adolescence: a time of gender identity, puberty (puberty). I.e. the person starts to move from childhood to adulthood. Rapidly developing body and genitals, «bubbling hormones», while mind does not keep pace with the body. Begins the age crisis.

Teenage school children emancipists, trying to get away from the authority of the parents, trying to be adults, including, and sexually. But, because sex and sexual inexperience, and inability to directly discuss with the parent of their gender (who happens gender identification) about issues of gender and sex, about relationships boys and girls, Teens can make a lot of serious life mistakes: unrequited love and the accidental pregnancy, to rape and suicidal inclinations.

Sexual education in-school adolescents

It would be nice to introduce sexual and sexual education of schoolchildren, not only in the family but also at school. At least, optional. For some reason the education system is aware that should the child’s physical development, physical culture. But what is also necessary and mental, including sexual development of the child student, since psyche and physics of man — one whole, and therefore, need psychological culture — the Department is silent.

How to sexuality and sexual education of children and adolescents

How sexual conduct and sexual education of children and adolescents, if, in fact, almost no one cares about this? How to teach children about psychology and that is right and good, with respect to each other, and sexual intercourse? How to teach the students the love and intimacy in interpersonal relationships, so they are not transformed everything related to sex and gender, with the genitals and reproductive human activities, corny jokes, perversion and the expression of negative emotions in the form of profanity?

As already noted above, psychosexual and sexual development of the child begins at birth, it has several phases and stages (more on this in another article). Therefore, to begin sexuality and sexual education of children first need of development, i.e. from birth.

However, the problem of gender and sexual education and development is that verbal, i.e. words, You will be able to teach and educate the child, as the development of his vocal apparatus and to move from the subject of creative thinking to verbal-logical.

It follows that until that time the child will read with parents and entourage emotional, non-verbal information, i.e., will occur, as I mentioned above, indirect sexy-sex education.

This means that if the family, between parents and other members are adequate and harmonious relationship, if the family atmosphere of love and mutual acceptance, if the parents themselves sexually educated and happy in marriage and the family, and the child will be properly and adequately to grow up sexually.

Else sex education, pre-school, school and adolescence will be verbal and complementary, logical and rational.

Attention parents! If You read and study any instructions on proper sexual education of children and adolescents, and will try to follow it — this will not be enough, because most of the parental programming that affect life scenario of a child. on his future and destiny, will come from You, the parent, non-verbal behaviour.

In short, in addition to performing any of the rules of parenting, you need to build relationships in the family. each other — happy family — happy children, and Vice versa.

If You don’t know how to do it, but You have big desire, please contact a marriage counselor online and consult. Or, if necessary, pass a family or individual psychotherapy .

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