The child should not be a lot of toys!

Children breaking from toys, soft, wooden, educational, buzzing, squeaking, singing, table, and a child no attention to all this wealth. Parents do it to buy new, but once in the store, immediately give up under the onslaught of a pair of pleading eyes. And then wonder on the forums on the Internet: “Why is my child likes to play with toys, I may not choose those gifts. ”

I myself, when choosing a gift for the youngest son’s first birthday, faced with an almost impossible task – what to give? I tried to control, though not always successfully, toy boom close and distant relatives, making for them a list of desired purchases. Anyway, the apartment has become a warehouse of toys, and a Junior from the cradle already played not only in rattles and musical pots, but in cars, LEGO and guns. At that time, I came across a box with the usual wooden cubes, bought them almost out of desperation. The cubes were a hit last year in our family, first the older and then younger Mature enough to play cubes-men and the dice-the letter.

“How often does your child new toys? – refers to soobschnitsami in the children’s forum young mother. – My husband and I some thing in this matter, not played enough in childhood. Buy like two fools, so much that these dolls and designers soon we will be evicted from the house. In my childhood I had almost all the toys that were possible at that time to get stood in a huge line. Now when I see something new on the shelves, I’ll buy it even for all the money. From all this a solid dent in the budget, I am in sorrow, but go out and buy again and again. ”

Some call it self-indulgence. Others regret that, buying all the toys in a row, deprive their children of the opportunity to dream. Why dream about a car or a doll, to behave well, and are eagerly counting down the days until the New year or birthday because the best gifts are only on major holidays. And then parents wonder why the kid played 5 minutes with a new toy and dropped. He again bored, and parents raced on in the whirlwind of the day. Why children love to play with pans, pots, vacuum cleaner and his father’s tools, maybe because these “games” you can play with the parents. Any the most expensive and fashionable toy your child will not replace communication with parents.

Egorova Tatiana, educational psychologist GUZ “Center of pediatric Psychoneurology”:

– What are the harrowing scenes are sometimes seen at the counters when an exhausted mom trying to get her child from roaring darling dolls or cars! Many parents, giving their son or daughter in the next purchase of the tenth machine even feel guilty in front of the child, “I am a bad parent, if you do not buy at his request”.

Actually child even contraindicated to have in the children’s corner, a mountain of toys. Strongly scattered attention, it is difficult to focus on a particular game, he quickly loses interest in the toy, requiring a new one. Parents believe that their child is developing quickly, so he is bored to play with yesterday’s toys, but in reality he formed a casual attitude towards gambling activities. There is no understanding of a particular social role, weakly expressed storyline in the game, inhibited overall mental development. Arise the basic problem with self cleaning.

For active play to a child is enough to have from five to ten toys that he can play all sorts of games. Can be recommended to parents to remove the excess in a bag and once a week to do an inventory of the available in range of baby toys, replacing one by the other and keeping the novelty effect.

There are certain criteria for the selection of toys according to age of child and level of development. The best toy is the one that aims at the development of sensory and motor systems, uses imagination, thinking, memory and perception. This toy should be as simple, made of quality material. Thus, infants (0 to 12 months) interesting rattles, pendants, mobiles, crinkle balls – these toys develop visual, auditory, and cutaneous-tactile analyzers, coordination of movements. Young children (1 to 3 years) perfect pyramids, blocks, cars, dolls toys, with which you can organize the activity. First is object manipulation, mapping, form, color, magnitude, and then elementary actions specific to a particular social role (motion sickness dolls, unloading of truck, etc.). When choosing toys is very important to pay attention to its aesthetics and the absence of antisocial and aggressive traits. The simpler the toy, the better it is for the child. For example, a simple doll preferable one that has a ready set of actions (standard phrases, pees in the potty, requires food, a walk), since in the latter case, the initiative of imagination and thinking is suppressed by the mechanism of the toy.

For older children there are the designers, jigsaw puzzles, collective educational games where you can play as a family or with friends. Such games are well expand the horizons of the child, teach the ability to negotiate, to resolve any questions.

The most dangerous children’s toys

The Darts. Playing Darts can only under the supervision of parents. Annually 7 thousand children are hospitalized for injuries sustained in the process of throwing Darts.

Toys made of foam and soft foam plastic. To bite off a piece of such toys is not difficult, and the consequences can be unpredictable.

Toys that make loud sounds. The sound above 65 decibels emanating from the ear, may cause irreparable harm to children’s hearing system.

Toys with magnetic parts. Two or more magnets being attracted to each other in the GI tract, cause a lot of trouble surgeons.

Short kaleidoscope. If the length of the kaleidoscope is less than 25 cm, it leads to impairment in the child.

Cannon small hard pellets. These squibs become a source of injury to the eyes and soft tissues. Kids love to stick their nose and ears.

Flavored toys. Can cause serious allergic reactions.

The toys are bright, unnatural colors. For their use in coloring lead and cadmium.

Children’s cosmetics. If there is no certificate, the composition is often exceeded by the content of chromium, cadmium, lead and arsenic.

Silver and gold plated toys. Dyes contain lead and antimony in excess of the normal quantity.


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