The Education of girls

Educate a girl in something easier than a boy, but something more complicated. And if earlier it was clear that we need to raise a girl as a future wife, mother and housewife, the current realities require a woman to stand on their own feet. At that Orient girl: a family or a career? What to prepare: to be sensitive flower or impenetrable wall? In either case, she needs to educate femininity.

Recently at work I heard from one young mom the following: “I did not want to raise a daughter feminine – so much suffering and heavy then she will! I know I did. “Amazing? Yes, initially I thought so. But I’m not rushed into an argument with his friend, who began to argue that it is not properly raised, and began to think calmly. Why did she do that? After all, femininity is the main female quality and it is always appreciated, especially among the representatives of the stronger sex. But. in today’s world a woman should be strong and independent and increasingly girls are brought up in the spirit of feminism and independence, trying to target baby for career growth and leadership.

Of course, by the nature of his daughter’s qualities such as tenderness and femininity, you won’t necessarily make her weak-willed homebody, all catering to her husband. Developing my baby feminine qualities, you will be able to get a good housewife, loving mother, gentle and loving spouse and just a real woman. But do not forget to teach his daughter the ability to understand people, perseverance and the ability to stand up for themselves.

The best way of parenting is right and necessary for quality of life traits the girl be, of course, a personal example. A girl watches the behavior of parents, learns by watching my mom, to communicate with the opposite sex, to plead with the housework, to receive guests. Keep this in mind and try to watch my behavior, not to show your daughter rudeness, indifference, laziness and apathy.

Examples for girls can also become the heroes of books, movies, cartoons. It is therefore important to choose literature and cinema for his little girl, trying to raise her kind, caring and romantic. Especially in the age of 12-13, when girls are interested in the topic of love and relationships between man and woman. In modern books and films can often be found love in the form of lust, passion and sexual desires that can hurt the psyche of young girls. Remember that girls at this age are very impressionable and are trying to copy in real life the behavior patterns of a favorite book and movie characters.

Also your daughter is watching the behavior of their girlfriends and people close to the family, so choose your acquaintances, and talking with my daughter about her friends, try to focus on the qualities of their character that you would like to see in the character of your little girl.

Talk with your daughter about her circle of communication, about the people to whom she goes to visit. Rules of behavior characteristic of other families, may be unacceptable in your home. If you are faced with the fact that your daughter is behaving inappropriately, immediately let her know that you are not going to tolerate this behavior at home. Be sure to explain to her why you think so, it is not necessary to install the bans without explanation.

Nurture from an early age thrift in your daughter. Let it helps in cooking food, washing dishes, cleaning dishes. To her it was interesting to cook, use recipes with pictures, explain the details of the process during cooking. Pay attention to your daughter that to live in a clean and tidy house is much nicer than in a dirty and cluttered. Be sure to praise your daughter for the assistance she has provided you with the housework.

Cultivate kindness in your little girl, may she since the childhood learn how to help family and friends. Ask you to provide a small household services and be sure to praise her if she did.

Femininity is instilled with such simple things, such as clothes. Always keep her in women’s clothes. Counsel with her buying a new dress, tell me, what colors go well together, and which are not. You can instill in your child good taste.

Try from childhood to surround the girl “female” activities, such as knitting, embroidery and sewing, ballroom dancing, aerobics, however, do not overdo it, and if the child don’t fancy any case, it is not necessary to insist. Always remember that your little daughter is an individual with different views and preferences. The only way you will be able to raise a strong and confident woman.

Fathers of girls is important to know that my daughter usually chooses a spouse for example the Pope. Therefore, the father must be a good example to girls and always remember that the future in front of him a woman. If dad is a gentleman, always gives his wife and daughter flowers for the holidays, it helps to wear clothes, open the door, the little girl will surely learn it for the future. If the family has no father, then this function should assume someone close male relatives, for example, grandfather or uncle.

Often in families where there are several older brothers, a little girl tries to imitate them and, as a consequence, copies boyish demeanor and grows the small she-robber. If all your attempts to make the girl more feminine’t succeed, don’t strive too hard. Try to inculcate gentleness and kindness to your little daughter gradually, avoiding pressure. If such male traits as perseverance, leadership, toughness, stubbornness prevail in the character of your girl and you can’t change it, then you should think, maybe in your little girl special hidden potential, which will help her to realize themselves in the field of human activity that requires strength of character.

It happens that the family was expecting the birth of a boy, and was born a girl. A common error in this case is the education of girls in the spirit of the boy. Sometimes these parents even called when dealing daughter’s name – for example, Alain mine Aleshka. Often this model of education can lead to serious problems in the future personal life of your child, interfering with the right of self-identification.

Do not forbid the teenager to communicate with the opposite sex and to use (of course, within limits), cosmetics to attract the attention of boys, feminine and fashionable dress. Parents usually support their ban on communication daughter with the opposite sex so that the boys distract from learning, but actually the lack of communication with the boys, there is a strong complexes and fears the girl that may have an impact in the future personal life.

Try not to bring up his daughter Cutesy and whimsical. Often parents have for their child in the child best and therefore the girl has generated excessive demands on others, which leads to psychological complexes.

Less likely to criticize your daughter, especially if your criticism is hurtful and unconstructive. It’s not enough just to tell the girl to her mistakes and shortcomings, it is important to explain to the child how to do the right thing and why so. Rude criticism can understate her self-esteem. Try to be a friend for his daughter.

Remember that educating girls is hard work, but the only way to ensure that his daughter is happy and bright future.

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