The Effects of divorce for children

The effects of divorce on children affected by traumatic. One of the most difficult periods in the child’s life is to survive and go through the experience of his parents ‘ divorce. The effects of divorce may be different for children depending on their stage of development, age and gender, but children in any way affected before and after the divorce process.

When parents divorce, children feel the loss of stability and security, they may withdraw into themselves, based on attempts and desires to unite his parents, and when parents still disagree and all their experiences are either futile or unnoticed – children feel the loss of something very important . Something that was a mainstay of their lives, their world.

The effects of divorce on children’s feelings. What do you think our children?

Children may react quite differently to the impending divorce. In some cases, kids can be very sad, depressed and not even sleep at night. The reason for such a high alarm is that the child is afraid of being rejected, abandoned by one parent or even both . In some cases, children can feel very alone, especially when one parent is missing for a long time in the family home.

No matter what the situation is and what causes it, by itself, the divorce itself can affect the child and on the other hand. Some children remain with me for life and feeling betrayed, abandoned, rejected . and some, despite the high level of their experiences, go through it, getting used to it and go on. The problem of divorce does not affect their underlying qualities and secret sides of the soul. Of course, the most important thing in this process is how the parents themselves develop this situation. So it affects the children.

Some of the major consequences that affect a child’s psyche during divorce

Children believe that their parents no longer love;

The children will have the feeling of abandonment and desolation, this feeling can turn into a desire of leaving home;

As a result of the inability to reconcile parents and to do something to save the family children feel helpless and powerless

The children are angry. Helplessness, anxiety, disappointment can lead to overt aggression towards one parent (the culprit of the situation), and both;

Children blame themselves . believing it they said something or did wrong, and what exactly is their any act has led parents to rupture;

Children during divorce of parents going through the pain and sorrow comparable in strength only with the grief of death.

Possible consequences or the protests of the child

The range of changes that are manifested in the behavior of children field of divorce proceedings, sufficiently broad and unpredictable. In connection with bitter feelings, and suffering inflicted on the psyche of the child injury, pain can lead to isolation, frequent seclusion in a private room, Smoking, drug abuse, violence and even suicide. Depending on the age and susceptibility of the child, the consequences can lead to unfounded fears, insomnia, incontinence, aggression and frequent nervous breakdowns, shown as problems at school and in socializing with friends.

In some cases, if the child has always been sociable and open, stretched to the parents and considered them friends, divorce may look in the eyes of your kid, like a disaster. Such children can be extremely vulnerable, try to constantly draw attention to themselves, not to deviate from their parents.

During divorce proceedings, the child’s mind and a sensitive soul requires great attention, understanding and sensitivity. During this period, children require the parents of emotional empathy and harmony of their pain, greater sensitivity and affection, more intimacy, both spiritual and physical. This requirement is essential for fragile child’s psyche.

Many children, seeing the experiences of older and decide that they need to take care of their divorced parents. Children with genuine sincerity a great deal of sympathy to your mother and father and try to be close to each other, to care, to talk, to show affection and attention. This is very important for the child, and in such moments, it in no event it is impossible to repel or banish. If the child does not get to reconcile parents, his attention is most often projected on “affected”, that is, the parent who is going through the most.

Try to be closer to the child, to listen to his words, pay more attention to his behavior. Communicate more and share with him, spend time with your child, do not let him feel abandoned and alone, and don’t forget that only parents can help better than any other person to cope with your baby with these difficult and scary for him a change in life.

Child’s heart is very small, but the pain that it is able to survive, unfortunately, is often incomprehensible to us, adults.

Happiness to You, and if you have the opportunity to change your mind, to accept, to understand or to forgive, do it and do not cut from the shoulder! Because when parents get divorced, children have not only an immense psychological suffering, but also the loss of a very important social and spiritual standards, such as the notion of family, marriage, love, devotion and loyalty.


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