The Impact of computer games on the human psyche.

How computer affects the human psyche?

The influence of computer games

Let’s remember that children played when there were no computers. Games were many, not have to get bored. No one had suspected that maybe in the world, there will be something that will change, “fundamentally”, their life, character and habits.

Children and teenagers were playing “cops and robbers”, the gangsters, dolls, TV shows, concerts…. The number of games is simply “rolls over”, if not more. If “take” of those memory games where you use a ball, but the picture is even “brighter” becomes clear. “Sangallo”, “tree”, “school”, “football”, “brochocki”…. These games, once, enjoyed real popularity, as were indeed fascinating. They “passed on” from generation to generation, little by little, some things are changing. Change “decorated” the game and gave her “special Shine”

In the game “the past” you could play for hours. And they are not bored. On the contrary, attracted children and its better than “interesting”. Games “able” to gather friends together, they “sort out” conflicts, forget about everything bad. And it was very sad when their parents, looking out of apartment Windows, and called them home. It’s a shame, because it’s summer, and the calendar – holidays. The children thought that parents “chase” their home specifically because of your envy, want to relive your childhood…. Home did not want to go, but they promised that they will be obedient children. Did not want to break a promise, so they fled “on call” for parents.

The children rejoiced in the fact that tomorrow there is a tomorrow, and that they will meet again by the company and will continue to play. While at home, all the kids tried to do everything they are asked by parents, so they didn’t punish them and were allowed to go outside. You probably know that the “street” and punished the children. It was a terrible punishment. Even scarier “buckwheat”. Buckwheat punishment is such a measure, when children were brought to their knees. Knees was poured buckwheat. At first glance, this punishment seemed cruel. Oddly enough, the children quickly to him “get used”. And when they, for whatever reason, was not allowed to go outside…. Tears, grief and hysteria is not haunted.

D etiske played even at home. “The main game”:

Lotto. Checkers. Chess. Mini Billiards. Badminton. Table tennis.

You can list a week. The game, incidentally, made and composed by the children themselves. And someone asked their parents to help them. Designers, blocks, cars, robots…. The children feel more comfortable when they were surrounded by various toys.

But – things have changed. Global changes. Came the day when all games (Board) and toys left lying on the shelves and in drawers. Now they began to resemble a “Museum exhibits”: look at them, but they (and with them) don’t play. Because there was something very interesting.

PC and computer games. When they “won” a human life, the world has changed. Especially when the computers are “moved” forward in its development. Computers “moved”, and people have been degraded. Sad, but it is so.

The child bought a new game. He is so “stuck” on it that I forgot to even do the homework and prepare for tests. Interesting book, which he, with great pleasure, read, hopelessly “expect” your reader, under my pillow. The boy didn’t leave her, but only “delayed” the moment of reading. As can be distracted by reading, when there occurs the “murder” of robots? On top of that this game reminded him about the game console. All the buttons on the joysticks have been erased. How to move away from the game if it is interesting? Yes, the game is really “addictive”. And even to such an extent that “plays” the man “turned” in game character. “Killed me”, “I’m hurt”, “I blew up”. Eerily sounds. And after all this is said by people who can not live without the game. Player – fully “immersed” in the game. It is necessary to play. He walked to the target, pressing the button and waiting for the “junction”.

People are playing, and the mentality of “suffering”. And who thinks of it? All thoughts into the “land of games”. By the way, were game discs, which it was called. But the psyche is not “protected” from the pressure.

What happens to a child when he’s not relaxing from the gameplay? His deteriorating memory, it ceases to show interest in socializing with friends. Was an honors student became a slacker. Someone threw the sports section. When the child was distracting (distracting) from the game, he was very annoyed and angry. At the request of my mother: “Go and have some lunch,” the gamer replied, “I – game. What kind of food?!”. Parents, at first, shocked at the answer, but the words and reactions were used to and did not pay attention to such “statements”.

Psychology and the computer. — the Four stages of “destruction of the psyche”:

Passion in the form of light. Man “eyeing” to the game, looking in it the good and the bad, “enters” ‘s taste, feeling it. Stage serious passion. At this stage, the person begins to pull in the game, he wants to play it again and again. Stage of addiction. People can neither eat nor drink, nor think about anything else except about the game. Stage of this addiction. People “moved” to the game world. He feels more comfortable there than in reality.

Game stories usually teach cruelty. The fact is that the “style” of fighters do horror movies, people like me more than developmental and intellectual games. Carried away by such “gaming stuff”, the psyche of man leaves “whole” and does not allow it to break up into “shards degradation.”

Nobody forbids to play. However, it needs to be done with caution. Would be worth, at least sometimes, to see what kind of game was going to be a baby, any game discs buys. “Wrong computer games” can bring a child to suicide. Such horror should be avoided.

Competently explaining to the child that the game is “cops and robbers” have a very bad impact on the individual, the parents will prove to themselves that they are good parents and deserve respect.

To make the literate conversation – not very easy. Since children are “going” to what they like. And mom and dad – only adults who love to command. Adhering to this opinion, every child ignores any parent replica. But this does not mean that parents should give up.


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