The influence of parents on children.

Esoteric science does not consider every born child of a newly created soul. Although tiny body is really created again, but animates his life became individualization thousands of years ago, and gained life experience determines the characteristic features of a new personality is exactly the same as the sum of causes set in motion in previous lives, and defines the conditions in which it occurs the new birth.

If parents create a good environment for children, which I hope to have, then they can incarnate the soul of the highest type. This is the essence of the esoteric conception of the relationship between parent and child. Parents open a channel through which the soul can get a new incarnation and thus to advance in its evolution, and the act will be counted parents in the great account of fate.

From this concept derives the result where you want to stay, read more, although it is not directly linked to the subject of esoteric sex.

Since all we affect the lives of those with whom you come into contact, bringing them good or evil, we all are the executors of the will of fate, for giving debts made in previous lives. If we do good to other people, thus we have, according to the causal law, for themselves and sow the seeds of goodness, we will reap a harvest if not in this life then in the next. If we do evil, then we will be paid in the same coin.

One could argue that good and evil that have befallen the human destiny and, therefore, the executor of her will is not responsible for their actions in relation to the subject.

In response we can say that although each person really creates those conditions deserves his dignity will help him to be a native honored them good, and not evil. If people laid the Foundation of the causality of evil, the punishment can serve as a channel through which come the suffering, and thus will bear compound interest from committed once evil. “to Ward of evil is inevitable, but Woe to him by whom it is done”.

Even the best of parents sometimes can serve as a transmission channel of the suffering of his children, — whether due to financial losses, whether the transmission of hereditary ailment that no one suspected. However, to see such a situation in their true light, parents should look at them from the point of view of evolution and to teach children to respond optimally to the circumstances, thus transforming evil into good. It should also be remembered that the suffering does not equal evil, and some valuable experience can come only through pain and trials.

However, parents should make every effort to refrain from the intentional conception of children in families affected by poverty, or born sick and physically impaired children, for thus they accumulate in the future evil for themselves.

And this raises a delicate question of the prevention of conception, which we will discuss later, after the explanation of the conditions of the incarnation will make possible the understanding of the subject from the esoteric point of view.

Let us now consider what happens when the soul, completing thoughts over their sins in purgatory and on the good deeds, being equivalent to the conventional notion of the heavenly Paradise, is ready to come back to earth to acquire further experience.

Effect of some of the great laws that are too complex to review here, the soul is transferred to the location and time, where the conditions of the forthcoming conception conducive to created therefore, the body came to light in an environment adapted to the realization of fate, for a predefined part of the incarnation of the soul.

When the sperm normal physical path is in the vicinity of the egg, it is well known that fertilization can occur either — no. The laws that govern the process of fertilization, except physical obstructions or defects of the seed or egg, exoteric science is unknown.

Esoteric science, however, teaches that if there is a soul ripe for the incarnation in the circumstances, it will penetrate into giving it the body and will merge with matter. If there is no soul, or if the astrological conditions at the expiration of nine months is due to planetary influences unsuitable for the realization of her destiny, the possibility of birth will be rejected, and because the animation of life is impossible, the egg will simply fade away and die off naturally.

When there is an act of sexual intercourse, a higher power of both creatures eager to merge, and, as in the collision of two opposing streams of water, obrazets vortex or funnel. This whirlwind rises on higher planes as the fusion of the respective bodies.

Therefore, if in coitus connect two people that idealize each other, the love which contains the elements of the spiritual nature, the resulting vortex will ascend to one of the higher spheres.

If this so-called vortex occurrences give rise to two people whose idea of love is limited only by the physical pleasure, it will rise no higher than the Second Plan, the scope of animal passions.

Souls awaiting incarnation in the sense of the inner world that matches their state of consciousness — just the same as logging in to the incarnation, they immediately “to see themselves in his place”. Captured by the vortex occurrences, these souls have the ability to go through all the Plans and make contact with a molecule of matter, thus penetrating into the sphere of Existence, as this is an animated molecule that appears to be the core around which the material body is formed.

From this it follows that the higher the Plan, which reaches the vortex occurrences, the more elevated will be the type of soul who become entangled in the incarnation, for in the higher mental sphere waits for his hour is completely different soul than that which dwells in the lower Astral.

If two people are willing to implement the embodiment of the soul, which would be worthy of their parent serving and receiving is good, ready to selflessly step aside for the sake of this soul, having reached maturity, freedom to serve the world, without being bound too tight fetters of love, — prior to intercourse then they should perform a meditation on the highest ideals, accessible to their performance and to stay in this meditation throughout the Union, for example, not allowing the mind to sink to the purely physical sensations, excludes all other levels of consciousness.

Through the open thus the vortex can come in the incarnation of the soul is extremely superior character, but parents should remember that conceived this way the soul will never be “owned” in the sense in which children born in a more personal Union, belong to his family.

Swans grow out of ugly ducklings, and the more exalted soul that enters thus in the incarnation, the higher the requirements it imposed on those who trains it. Different standards, different ideals, different ways of life and even different conditions of physical health will make huge demands on the wisdom and endurance of those who undertake such a task.

Together with the knowledge that allow the majority of mankind to make the first steps in practical occultism, it is necessary to warn that such an enterprise is not easy to bear, and for its successful execution requires outstanding qualities of mind and character. If the character is too uneven in its development, and despite the ability to present high ideals, his lower nature is still strong enough to roll it out of the way, then prescribed discipline seem harsh and demanding, for lowest sacrificed higher; parent ” the child in that case, if between them there is a conflict of interest.

However, if the parents prove worthy of this trust, they will find that the path to a higher plane, from which came to him a child, is now open for their own promotion.

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