The Influence of television on young children

Do you have small children? Whether they are watching TV? And what channels? Even if children, then be very careful because most of them are not very positive impact on the development of the baby, and it’s still very mildly. The effect of television on young children is huge, it can be put on a par with parental influence.

There is a huge collection of cartoons – many parents choose for their children only good and good cartoons to watch, they help bring up the main positive qualities of your child.

And harmful than the uncontrolled seat at the TV screen – read in detail later.

The effect of television on young children

Extended statement may seem controversial, but have you ever pondered that for him? Most often, this or products of the American cartoon industry, which was not created for our cultural environment, or some just plain nonsense, when it is viewed which often has thoughts that the authors are not very well, or by creating their cartoons, were in narcotic intoxication.

And there is nothing funny in this. After all, our children, looking through it, take everything at face value and absorb the imposed cartoons patterns of behavior. Never paid attention. colour scheme made the most of them? Bright, colorful images and eye-catching even an adult. Passing by the TV, sometimes you yourself can help to stop and “stare”. And this is something for our well-established adult psyche!

But as these cartoons attract children, have mechanisms to protect against such “indoctrination” is not yet formed? Very much. But for deliberate primitivism often hides certain posmyk that is not perceived at the level of consciousness. It’s not the 25-th frame, of course, but also exerts considerable influence of TV on young children and their psyche.

What causes passion similar telesessions? Unpleasant consequences are many. The first thing that may be evident to parents and others, that a copy of the characters. If on the TV show of Soviet cartoons, which are still considered classics, and the gold Fund of world animation, the imitation will not harm the child, but when it comes to foreign cartoons, the authors create the impression of a mentally inadequate?

The effect of television on young children here is that kids can learn from favorite hero aggressive of the movie it’s a mad, nasty laugh, for example. Or to be cruel towards others. Very often in “children’s” cartoons across quite a hard scene, which, if transferred to adult living people, seem like the plot of a horror movie.

All sorts of explosions, beatings, for which living beings could be fatal cartoons are without a single drop of damage. Children, after watching such filth, can make the false conclusion that causing similar harm to any living being is not only safe, but also fun.

Feel the danger, which can lead to such “trifles”?

I certainly do not insist that your child, after watching these cartoons will turn into a small terminator. But changes in behavior are considerably. The main characters of these cartoons is not samples of piety. They could be lying, and push their parents ‘ heads (if they are still there!), and to show aggression. Characteristically, these characters usually come out winners.

Your explanation of why it is so and not otherwise, it is better to devote a separate article. Here you can confine reference to the difference between Russian and American mentality.

If our mentality, in essence, provides cohesion and collectivity, the inadmissibility of the game against the team, the U.S., by contrast, proclaims individualism and the need to go “over the heads” to to achieve its. Echoes of this destructive mentality and are in the animation. You are watching our children. What they will gain from it so useful? It is better to be aggressive than to think? What a quiet and thoughtful always losing? Or how best to manipulate their parents?

The kids that are seeing these masterpieces of world culture, still can’t read, but remarkably know how to get from parents all you want. Hysterical children – this has had the effect of television on young children ?

By the way, about desires. What danger could threaten your kid when watching Americanized children’s channels? Advertising. And dangerous it is not only the child but also your wallet. In the advertising industry for children, a true master of his craft, and because of that 30 second clip will be enough to convince the kid that advertised without toys it will be very bad.

Okay, if it’s any single thing. And if the product involves collecting? In this case, the child will get a little maniac who will demand toys for days, shrieking and using peeped from cartoons to succeed. Typically, parents give up and go towards buying stuff that will be forgotten in a week. If not, then at home, the child may behave calmly, but the street is just throwing tantrums, just would have bought it.

Compassionate with others will reproach to look at you, and you can also surrender to the mercy of the winner. Not to say that the dominance of a small manipulator will lead to something good. Yes, relatively speaking, the child will be happy because he has everything he wants. But the position of the winner on the home not to come in, because the little tantrums gets its shouting, which will not work in a kindergarten or school.

Moreover, if a child tries to behave in school, you probably will reinforce the reputation of a brawler, which is not very fond of, and will kick at the first opportunity.

How to avoid such trouble, how to minimize the effect of television on young children? First of all, you need to restrict your child from viewing these channels. You know, parents often don’t have time to constantly be around, and they have to resort to this method of filling leisure time of his child.

But try to make smarter – write good cartoons in which there are no negative connotations that can damage the psyche of the baby, on a DVD, which then turn on the player. Not to say that it’s brilliant and the perfect way, but this way you protect your child from advertising. The child needs to get some skills that will prove useful to him in life. to develop and not get a ton of toys, but would not cry.

If it’s late, and the kid is hooked on advertised and is strong enough, then the only thing I can advise is slowly, gradually wean from everyday purchases. To increase the gap between the two delivery “gifts”. Ignore the cries and demands. And, not to beat and scold, and to be firm and not to react, doing their job.

Little manipulator will be very offended, but I’d rather have it a habit to get everything just so weaned in a mild form parents, than in the hard, sometimes brutal form, before finalizing the team.

Among other things, constantly buying baby toys, you deprive him of the joy of the holidays for life. After all, for a child, different holidays from ordinary days? To them not only prepare for, and celebrate with the whole family, while they have also given presents. which the kids love, what could be hiding.

But if the child gets something every day, whether that will be a unique day holiday? No.


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