Thematic classes for kids

Themed activities for kids — «Birds»

7. The game “the thieving Magpie”

Show your tot toy a magpie or a picture with her image.

Tell us what magpie loves shiny things, and offer to do for her gifts.

Give your child the foil and small toys. You can also get boxes from kinder surprise with toys inside.

Task baby wrap toys in foil, and then all this beauty to give the magpie, which will be of interest to deploy them and marvel at the beautiful toys (Soroka, of course, will be the baby).

8. The game is “something missing”

Develop attention, fine motor skills and coordination.

8.1 Cut out from a magazine or printed from the Internet images of birds. Cut several individuals of any part of the body — tail, wings, beak, feet, etc.

Pre-glue the birds onto a sheet of paper and ask the child to choose and to finish gluing the missing piece itself, spreading before him the needed elements.

I cut out the birds from the children’s magazine. If you wish to use this template, then after the assignment, ask your son or daughter to find two same birds. In addition, one of them has no missing parts. Guess if in what the toddler?

And don’t forget to tell me what bird is depicted on the picture, and the sounds they make. Tell that penguin is a bird that doesn’t fly, but swims well.

Now please little student to pick up the birds of the letters on which they begin. When all of the letters placed in its place, along with her mother to try to draw them. Depending on the age and level of development complicate or simplify the task.

8.2 Another picture. The child needs to understand what is not in the bottom drawing, and to finish the worm. And guess what kind of bird with a yellow breast.

8.3 And for dessert the last picture. What is missing in the top drawing. If your toddler still doesn’t know what socket it is the right time to tell him about it.

All templates can be downloaded at the end of the article!

9. Riddles

Somewhat complicated puzzles for brain training. Enlarge picture to see the puzzles and birds. Print or show the image on a computer.

10. Do the bird

So we got to work. Favorite activities of many mothers who are not otvorili in childhood.

Our bird, the Swan.

Show the young Creator of the image of a Swan.

Describe it:

“The Swan is a large bird, much larger than a pigeon or a crow. The Swan, like you, have a torso, a head with eyes and a beak, long neck, two wings, tail, and paws. Swan covered with feathers”.


“Baby, let’s pretend we are sleeping swans in the water. We folded the wings, lowered his head, fell asleep…. But the sun peeked out and warmed us with its warm rays. We woke up, smiled, pulled her long beautiful neck, he spread his wings. Waved to them and began to hover above the lake (circling around the room, widely spread its wings)”.

Then ask the child to create a Swan on paper.

10.1 For the application we need a blue background and white album sheet.

Show off baby here’s a picture (you can make your template) and ask without scissors and pencil to make the same bird.

Applique is very simple. The child, with the mother, will tear the paper into pieces approximately the same as in the picture. And then glued them spreading glue.

When all pieces are glued on, paint on the eye and beak.

Compare the resulting Swan with figure 2.

10.2 is Still possible to create a Swan, making handprints. Child puts hand in a container with gouache and causes an imprint on the paper. The thumb looks up, the other pressed against each other. It remains only to paint the beak and eyes.

After creation you can see the cartoon about an ugly duckling who turns into a beautiful Swan. Or a short presentation on the story (not mine!), which you can download at the end of the article.

Since we’re talking about creativity, we want to advise you to visit the house of Mary on the blog «tiny». There you will find lots of ideas for creativity and games with children. By the way, is Maria with her daughters took second place in our contest “Easter egg hands of a child”.

And we wanted to draw a Swan, but in the end we got the dove (daughter said so) that flies and is going to land on green grass. Next grow beautiful wildflowers and blue sky at the top. Figure Vika drew his palms and fingers.

Join us “In Contact” . There you will find several interesting thematic session on the theme “Birds”, but not from me but from other moms.

11. Tale «House Sparrow»

We don’t have time to talk about migratory birds. In the future we’ll make up. Now I suggest you to read the tale “the House Sparrow”. I made it a little presentation here. Print out or listen from your computer.

And here is a button for downloading all templates:

Today it is all themed activities for kids — «Birds». I want to write very much, but in one article all is not relevant. Next time we will talk about domestic birds, so subscribe to news blog, leave your comments, click on social media buttons and come for a visit!

Cartoon «the Ugly duckling»


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