To do with the child in summer

Summer is the best time for healing and strengthening children’s immune system. Just plan your child’s summer in advance.

Many do – plan the summer in accordance with the capabilities of the family, the age and condition of the child. After all, if you do not, then valuable time will be irretrievably lost and wasted for TV, computer games and sleeping late. And after this pastime autumn child will enter is not cheerful, energetic and tan, and sluggish and ready to give up without a fight the first virus.

Summer abstract: the sun, air, water and vitamins

Sun. Soaking up the sun, it is very important not to overdo it. The smaller the child, the more dangerous he long to be in the sun, because unlike adults, children do not have their own protection from ultraviolet radiation. The mechanism of protective reactions in the sun (sunburn is precisely the reaction) is formed in a child only three years.

So the kids who live in the middle lane, it is not recommended to leave it up to this age and to go somewhere in the subtropics, i.e., to the sea. If your child is three years old, and you’re planning a trip to the seaside, take into account the basic rules of “sun safety”. They, incidentally, we should strive to observe not only the sea, but in the summer everywhere.

The child should be in the sun to 11.00 am and in the evening after 17.00. Protect delicate baby skin special sunscreen for children with a maximum degree of protection. Buy baby sunglasses. Generally, they are made in a special “children’s” design and kids love. Don’t forget the headpiece. It was his lack of the most common cause of heat stroke.

Air. An important rule of summer – the air never goes to waste! Well, if the air outside the city. For example, rich in ozone clean air of the forest, giving a huge boost of energy and strength. It will be good if will be on a month to send a child in the forest: camp or grandma in the village is the best option for older children.

If baby is still small, and grandmother in the village are not available, an alternative (and very popular option in recent years) to rent a cottage in the countryside and spend time with the child. Yourself will improve your health and the baby “nourish” the life-giving energy of the earth. But if this option is for any reason not available, then at least plan a trip or two into the woods for the weekend. At the most extreme case locate the remote from the factory chimneys Park and often walk there.

In General, your task is to distract the child from cartoons or computer games and to attach to nature. Moreover, this strategy is a win-win, because right now you are laying the child’s attitude towards the fly. Sometime later he would not only say “thank you”, but will set an example for their children.

Water. Look for it everywhere in the summer: sea, forest lake or river, will fit even the pool in the country. Of course, the sea is always a good thing, but many children are at first afraid of the turbulent behavior of the sea and its magnitude. Therefore, it is best to start to teach a child to water in a special children’s pool that is installed, for example, in the country. It is important to maintain the water temperature, which for the first bathing outdoors the optimum temperature is 22 degrees, and the time of stay of the child in the water up to 10 minutes.

Japanese experts recommend to pick out a diet on colour products

The next stage is the calm surface of the river or lake. Of course, none of the pool does not go to any comparison with natural waters, which are rich in trace elements and minerals, and the moist air near additionally contributes to the improvement and strengthening of immunity. Only looking for clean places and make sure that the child is not picked up some river water gastrointestinal infection him in the summer for nothing.

Now, when the child is ready to explore the sea – feel free to go there. However, listen to the recommendations of pediatricians, and they in one voice say that the child is not less than a week to adjust to their new conditions and then begins to “eat the health and treatment”. Therefore, it is best to plan a trip for 3-4 weeks – in this way you will be sure that the baby is really not in vain went there.

Vitamins. This is one of the most valuable and available for almost all the gifts of summer. Fruits and vegetables that are in abundance on the shelves of markets and shops, should not be translated at your Desk, and in the child’s diet is mandatory. If until now you were allowed soda in the summer replace it with an inexpensive and very affordable Apple (or any other) fresh juice . It’s the same with food: instead of a sandwich – fruit, instead of chips (hot dog, candy bar, etc.) – vegetable salad.

Encourage your child to eat right vitamins and get pleasure from it and will not only provide him life without diseases, but also will form good habits for life ahead. But just make sure that all fruits and vegetables have been thoroughly washed – E. coli is, unfortunately, a frequent summer visitor.

If you all provide and the child will spend the summer with properly, the best reward will be great immunity, high efficiency and great emotions of your child. In addition, he will have something to write in school essay on the topic: “How you spent your summer”.


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