If the greedy baby

And the child is only growing. And this behavior – this is the next stage of maturation, during which he will realize that there is a his and others that such generosity and greed. The kid defines the boundaries of its “I” and everything that falls under the definition of “Mine” is a continuation of his person, and accordingly belongs unconditionally to him.

Let us understand how better to do and what you need to do in order not to raise a selfish and greedy man.

Has the right not to share

Baby, though small, but personality. And he is quite right not to share what he is presented with personally. For him toys, things that you have mentioned as his personal – it is very dear to his little heart treasures. And now imagine the horror he experiences whenever he is forced to share? It is forced to – I specifically used that word. It’s one thing when a child gives itself, another thing, when under the pressure of parental authority we force the child.

Greed – it is a kind of attempt to defend their right to something when the other person in this country. And if the child all the time to make – you are guaranteed to shape it. Believe me, the mere possession of the treasure – it’s boring. And baby it’ll eventually understand how and what to play in the company Continue reading

Features of education girls

The girl should be quiet, economical and accurate, its merits – a docile and gentle nature, and the main objective – to marry well, become a model housewife and have children. And this is not a description of the methods of education of the Middle ages – this Patriarchal realities of modern Ukraine, where the girls forget to tell that they’re individuals and can build your life, career and family, not being dependent on men. Therapist of Leonid Semakov believes that in this way one of the girls raise free staff.

The middle ages in 2012

When I was preparing for an interview on this topic, to be honest, I doubt that the problem of educating girls in a Patriarchal style now just as relevant as, for example, 30 years ago. But was unpleasantly surprised to find many tips for raising girls frankly humiliating display. For example, how about this: “Educating a girl can do without such approvals as “good”, “well done”, “clever”. Such words of encouragement of a girl forced to be like the boy and strive to achieve success, to obtain the approval. But this will not make her happy. Many women incorrectly educated, strive for achievement, a career, a great income, but feel even more marginalized and deprived of love”? The mind boggles that the desire for achievement is considered to be improper upbringing in 2012!

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Principles of education child 6 years

The child’s behavior 6 years is fundamentally different from the behavior of young children. The child already understands and has learned the social norms and rules of behavior in society, it becomes less impulsive, learning to deter aggression and defend their point of view in front of adults and peers.

Pursuing the education of the child is 6-7 years old, parents should be aware that at this age the child is particularly important relationships with peers, so you must do everything possible to ensure that he had his circle of friends with regular friends. Along with friends, a child 6 years old has a sincere interest in the opposite sex, the kid can carefully hide it, or, conversely, to show their sympathy. Parents should sustain in this period of the child and explain to him in an intelligible form, what is the concept of relationships between men and women, why are they important, and how to build them correctly.

The essence of raising children 6 years of age also lies in the fact that, not using an old, but not an effective method for children “carrot and stick”, the parents were able to find the correct approach to the baby, became a people he can trust.

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