We love our children, grandchildren

We love our children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, and pamper their frequent sweet gifts. So, as we think, we manifest our love and care. But if to remember that in principle, everything in moderation, but don’t overdo it in the competition, who loves Misha/Masha-grandmother carrying sweets every day mom or limiting their consumption? Because in the end, the initial joy of a child from another such favorite candy can turn into his own tears at the dentist’s chair.

About pediatric dentistry .

According to experts, the influence of many factors of our modern daily life (heredity, poor environment, poor quality and harmful, but much-loved children products) led to a sharp reduction of age of the patients dental clinics. In the end – at the moment half of their total number are children. Hence the allocation of pediatric dentistry in a separate direction. Moreover, in the treatment of children have their very significant features: it requires a fundamentally different approach, special attention and excellent equipment. Accordingly, for the treatment of children required specialized children’s dental clinic.

Many of them have access to a playroom where children can escape from the doctor’s office, to watch cartoons or just play; room for waiting parents. And in General the interior of these clinics has its own characteristics. Here comes to the forefront very design: bright colors, images of fairy tale characters on the walls. And in the doctor’s office does not become unnecessary toys that can soothe your baby (sometimes a gift is offered to the child that his visit was associated with pleasant experiences). Of course, they should be made of material that is easy to disinfect. It is not just a treatment, and treatment – the game.

In the literature on pediatric dentistry notes that the first reception of the baby at the dentist is more conversational in nature, that is, that his first visit was not associated with pain and fear, the doctor just met with the child, explains, plays with it. It is noted that it is better to take the child to the same doctor is already an element of trust

Today, if we talk about the experience in the field of pediatric dentistry, the staff of the clinic required a professional psychologist who will talk with the child, and tell in detail what, how and what makes a dentist. Of course, for working with children requires special expertise and the medical specialist must have a certificate that pediatric dentist. Moreover, he must be a good psychologist himself to find the approach to each child, because each individual. And even time. It is very difficult to calculate. Because the calculation time for the treatment of an adult comes from the fact that people deliberately came to conduct certain procedures and ready to overcome psychological burden, albeit small. And when at the reception of the child, 70% of the time can I talk to him and only 30% not so much to treat as to carry out any manipulation in the mouth. Of course, the children’s dentistry equipment should differ in their specificity and a more modern level – irritating and disturbing factors (noise) should be minimized; and, for example, x-ray equipment must be digital.

Care for kids

Mom needs to start taking care of dental health of their child during pregnancy: during pregnancy there is a bookmark and deciduous teeth, and permanent. First visit to the dentist with a child occurs after six months of his stay at home with my mom. The doctor looks at the attachment of the frenulum of the tongue, the upper and lower lips. If there is any pathology, then at this point it’s easy enough to fix – one completely painless movement of a doctor. Again to visit the dentist makes sense, when children start erupting teeth. The doctor will tell which brush to clean the teeth better to choose (there are toothbrushes for toothless jaws), paste or not. With 2 years the child must consciously clean teeth. Yes, at first imitating their parents and playing. Cleaned, like us, he can’t, so parents should baby teeth clean. How? Need to refer back to a pediatric dentist.

In the period from 3 to 12 years, an important role is played by the identification of the malocclusion. It is possible that the child just enough to appoint some gymnastics: very often after that the bite is corrected. Here I note the importance of such cases associated with the identification of malocclusion. It is not only not very aesthetic appearance, but also health problems. When the teeth are not in occlusion, kotorom they should be starting to suffer from temporomandibular joints, which can cause headaches in children. After all, each group of teeth performs its function: one group bites food, other mills, the third-breaks, and then we need to swallow food. When the teeth do not perform their function and food is not handled properly, begins to suffer the stomach, the consequences-diseases of the gastro-intestinal tract. So that little problem with the bite can result in serious health problems of the baby in General.

Children do not have to spare. They must love!

The main problem that caused the child to a dentist is the lack of attention of parents to the milk teeth when feeling sorry for children who are not given adequate attention to any tag and slightly smaller holes. Dairy anyway sooner or later will fall out and new teeth will be strong and healthy. But when around the roots of a baby tooth is an inflammatory process, of course, the toxins that stand out, influence the follicle of the permanent tooth and can have damaging effects. As a result, the permanent teeth can erupt with carious cavities. And do not be afraid that the child will be painful to treat tooth decay: now there are many ways to do it painlessly. One such method – the ART technology, when the child quite special instruments to treat carious cavity and close the filling material due to the fact that dental tissue is milder in children than in adults.

On primary teeth again…

One of the areas of pediatric dentistry is to help remove the milk teeth. This becomes necessary when the permanent tooth has already started to erupt, and dairy still not dropped. Such difficulties leads the current urbanization and acceleration. Now that is a fairly common problem, but solved it quite easily and painlessly. Here again, you need to mention about prevention – check the condition of the teeth of children and at least two times a year, drive them to the dental clinic.

Health to You Your kids!

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