Whether to circumcise your son?

In 1999, a group of experts from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has carefully examined medical data on circumcision. Experts came to the conclusion that the benefits of circumcision are very small. Based on research, the AAP does not consider circumcision mandatory.

In infants usually no reason for circumcision from a medical point of view, so it all depends on You. It can be very difficult to make a decision about whether or not to circumcise his son. You may have to weigh different facts. When deciding, consider the following factors:

Their religion, tradition or culture. The decision can be justified, if circumcision is part of the system of Your beliefs. Some people make the decision about circumcision, based on the desire that their son looked exactly the same as other men in their family or as other boys his age. In the USA about 6 boys 10 are circumcised, and 4 out of 10 do not. Worldwide the level of circumcision is much lower.

Their feelings. Parents may worry about the pain that you feel their child during and after circumcision. Parents can also worry because of the small likelihood of complications after surgery. Some parents believe that their child is perfect from birth, but can survive due to the small risk of developing problems later in life if the child was circumcised too early. Perhaps you should discuss these concerns with the child’s doctor.

What is circumcision?

Circumcision – it is a selective type of surgery to remove the foreskin, skin folds that cover and protect the rounded end of the penis (the glans penis). Most often the operation is performed within 24 hours after birth. Circumcision can be done later, if the child was born prematurely (preterm) or if circumcision – it’s part of a religious ritual.

Check out the picture of the penis before and after circumcision.

For surgery, the child is put on his back, and his hands and feet are fixed in a stationary position by means of straps. The penis and the area around it are cleaned. At the head of the penis is put on the protective device, and the doctor cuts off the foreskin with a scalpel or scissors.

Both during and after surgery there is severe pain. Explain that You want to use for the child pain medication and talk to your doctor about what type of surgery it is best to use. Child may be given a local anesthetic to numb the penis before the surgery. You can choose cyclical conduction anesthesia (1), dorsal nerve blockade of the penis (2) or creamy eutectic mixture of local anesthetics (3). Consult your doctor whether to give the child after surgery acetaminophen (4) (e.g., tylenol) to reduce pain.

When it is necessary to make the child Britanie?

The child should not be circumcised if he is sick or weak, if the child has problems with penis or if there are hereditary problems with blood clotting, or if the child was born prematurely and it is still impossible to take home.

Who does the circumcision?

Circumcision usually does a pediatrician, obstetrician, family doctor (5), the surgeon or urologist. But the ritual of circumcision may be performed by other specialists in this field, for example, the Rebbe – a Jewish priest.

What to expect after circumcision?

Minor swelling and bleeding after circumcision – is a normal phenomenon. The child may be nervous and the first few days he may have restless sleep. The first few days, the child may experience pain when urinating. The first 2 weeks after surgery, the child may experience pain if the stool or urine in contact with the tip of the penis.

The child will feel much better after 3-4 days after circumcision. And although the child may feel better, his penis might look awful. Usually the penis will look better in 7-10 days after circumcision.

What are the risks when carrying out circumcision?

Because circumcision is very uncommon problems. If they arise, it is usually very small and are short-term in nature. Approximately 2 out of 100 children who are circumcised suffer from minor bleeding or infection. Other possible problems include pain and irritation at tip of penis. Long-term problems are even more rare, but they include the opening of the urethra, excessive bleeding, which causes acute pain, severe infectious diseases, scarring.

Does circumcision have any advantage?

If Your son is completely healthy, circumcision will not affect his health. Men who are circumcised have a number of advantages. But most experts in the US agree that the possible benefits are not a sufficient reason for circumcision.

In the first year of life, boys with circumcision less likely to develop urinary tract infections than boys who are not circumcised. But urinary tract infections are not very common in children of this age group. These diseases affect approximately 7-14 of children without circumcision of 1000 and approximately 1-2 out of 1000 children children without circumcision. The benefits of circumcision are more obvious, if the boy is likely to develop urinary tract infections because of problems with urinary tract.

Male circumcision less susceptible to the development of sexually transmitted diseases (7), including HIV (8). But it is not necessary to be circumcised to prevent the development of sexually transmitted diseases. Any man with a disorderly sexual life (9), subject to the development of sexually transmitted diseases or HIV, regardless of whether circumcision was performed or not.

What if I decide to make my child circumcised?

Keep the penis (10) and then You will significantly reduce the risk of infections or other problems.

There is a slight chance that the man you later have to get circumcised if he has a problem with the foreskin (e.g., phimosis) or the inflamed tip of the penis (balanitis). But these problems are quite rare.

You can decide:

To circumcise his son.

Not to circumcise his son and teach him how to properly care for the penis, if the circumcision was not done.

The decision whether or not to circumcise Your son depends on Your own opinion and health indicators.

The decision about the need to circumcise

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